This Is the Most Fun Loft-Bed That Exists and Everyone Should Have One

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Living in a tiny apartment with high ceilings sometimes means going up a notch when it comes to sleeping arrangements. And whereas many small apartments already come with a built-in loft bed, others have to build it themselves.

It’s hard to tell if TikTok creator Stien Edlund built her loft bed, but it certainly is a game changer. Let’s check it out.

How cool is this?

It looks like a lot of fun sliding down.

I don’t know about easily walking up there, but going down is usually always easier anyways.

She even added some LED lights, which give her room disco vibes.

TikTok thought it was cool too, but most people had the same questions. Let’s find out what.

As TikToker @stokernl commented,

“Imagine being drunk and trying to get up there. It would be hilarious.”

This was my first thought exactly. What do you do when you’re drunk?

And TikToker @mariahgeorgina also said,

“Imagine coming home drunk and realizing you have to climb a mountain to get into bed.”

I think this could be quite challenging, but I don’t think this creator has to worry about it because she appears to still be a teenager.


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