‘Their bond is so special’

This TikTok parent shared a video of their toddler and baby sleeping together and it’s so cute!

Allyson (@ allyson.80) is a TikToker who shares adorable videos of her two daughters on TikTok. Allyson recently shared a video where she walked into her little daughter’s room and the little girl was sound asleep and cuddled with her little sister. The adorable video really shows the sweet bond between the two kids.

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The cute video starts with Allyson standing at the door of her daughter’s bedroom. A caption reads, “I got in here. Your bond is so special. ”

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After Allyson paused in the doorway for a moment, Allyson picks up the doorknob and pushes the door open to reveal a nursery decorated with a blue plastic dresser and pink plastic chair. In one corner, two dolls sit next to each other on a white chair, arms wrapped around each other.

Allyson continues into the room, revealing the bed her little daughter is curled up in next to her little sister. The toddler has one arm over his sister’s shoulder and his forehead is pressed against that of the sleeping baby.

As Allyson gets closer, she reveals that both toddler and baby are sound asleep. Both children have pacifiers in their mouths and the baby has her arms gently rolled under her chin.

While Allyson watches, the toddler twitches slightly in his sleep and puts her arm around her little sister. The video ends while the toddler and baby continue to sleep peacefully.

The audience couldn’t get enough of the adorable children and their special bond with each other.

“OMG my heart just melted,” wrote one TikToker.

“This is the cutest thing I’ve seen today,” commented another TikToker.

“Well, my wife was right. We need another one, ”joked another viewer.

Other viewers were reminded of the bond between their own young children.

“My girls are 22 months apart and they felt the same way. The older one climbed into the cot until I gave up, ”recalls one parent.

Another parent, whose children are now a little older, recalls: “Mine were like this when they were little. Then my 6 year old was annoyed with my 3 year old tonight and said, ‘I wanted her so I could throw her out.’ Sisters, man. “

While Allyson’s kids don’t always get along, her heartwarming video shows how strong the bond between siblings can be!

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