The Weekend Leader – Adequate hydration, bed rest key to recover fast from Covid: Australian expert

Photo: IANS

Increased water intake and adequate bed rest can help people recover quickly from Covid-19 infections at home, according to an Australian expert.

The coronavirus pandemic in Australia has resulted in more than 612,000 cases and 2,290 deaths, with more than half of those infections occurring in the past two weeks.

The number of Omicron infections has also more than quintupled from around 1,200 in late November, when the first case was discovered in the country.

“Most people can handle it at home and are good at it,” the Daily Mail quoted Sydney-based professor and infectious disease expert Robert Booy as saying.

“You won’t get severe symptoms. You get a cough, fever, lethargy, and fatigue, and get better within a few days to a week.

“All you need is adequate hydration, water, bed rest if you have analgesics for pain and antipyretics for fever,” Booy said.

Booy added that people should look out for chest pain, worsening breathlessness and lethargy as worrying symptoms that may require further medical attention, the report said.

“Some people with chronic or lung diseases are given an oximeter, a special device that measures the amount of oxygen in their blood, and you need to go to the hospital (or see a doctor) if your oxygen levels drop. ” he said.

Booy also stated that rapid antigen tests (RATs) should be free across Australia. It comes when experts criticized the Scott Morrison administration for painting “a rosy picture” of the new Omicron variant because it is less severe than Delta – as hospitals across the country keep filling up with the sheer numbers of infected people the report says.

Dr. Stephen Parnis, a Melbourne emergency doctor, said although the new burden was less severe, the rising number of cases means there are still significant numbers of people to be hospitalized.

New South Wales Covid cases rose to 35,054 on Wednesday while Victoria recorded 17,636 new infections overnight – but intensive care recordings in both states remain stable.

In addition to the increase in hospital admissions, eight more people in NSW lost their lives to the virus, while Victoria recorded 11 deaths.

Queensland recorded 6,781 new Covid-19 cases, a sharp increase from the 5,699 cases discovered on Tuesday, the report said. -IANS


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