The Ultimate TV Binge Bed Has Arrived

Watch your favorite programs with ease

A leading fandom platform has partnered with an independent bed maker to create the ultimate TV binge bed.

This comes with self-cleaning sheets, a ‘Netflix and Chill’ setting and a built-in potty. That means people never have to get out of bed while they watch.

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The bed has many built-in functions offers an unparalleled bingeing experience with the luxury king-size four-poster bed.

The bed has loads of extra features to help maximize the quality of screen time (Photo: Fandom Spot)

This includes an intelligent 32-inch flat-screen TV and integrated surround sound speakers. It also includes folding trays, charging points, and places to store groceries and “private things”.

In addition, the bed has an integrated tablet smart control panel with access to a camera doorbell. So TV addicts can open the door without getting up.

The bed is expected to retail at a starting price of $ 14,999 (11,321), with orders being filled in spring 2022.

The bed is upholstered in decadent red velvet and comes complete with self-cleaning linens, a trash can and an external smart doorbell kit to connect to the tablet.

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The platform was created to bring people together to celebrate their fandoms in every possible way.

Alyssa Celatti of said, “Everyone has these days when they don’t want to get out of bed. When we saw the data that people have spent more time in bed than before the binge-watching their favorite shows, we decided to work with an experienced furniture manufacturers to the ultimate bed to develop television.

“The ‘TV Binge Bed’ is essentially the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ among TV beds – people can watch their favorite shows from the comfort of their bed, while eating, drinking, doing their business on the toilet or getting in the mood for love .

We expect this outrageous but practical and practical piece of furniture to be the ultimate object of desire for any television and movie addict. “

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