The Sofore Cooling Bed Pillows Are on Sale at Amazon

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You may have already broken out the cooling sheets, but what about your pillows? Laying down on a lumpy cushion only makes sleeping in stifling temperatures even more miserable. Luckily, there’s a top-rated pick on sale at Amazon for as little as $20 right now.

The Immediately bed pillows come in a set of two and feel like “sleeping on a cloud.” They aren’t just soft though, sleepers have found plenty of other reasons to replace their old pillows with this set thanks to its level of support. The pillows strike a balance between firm and soft—you’ll sink in gently, but have plenty of support for your head and neck at the same time. People who sleep on their sides and backs love using them, too.

buy it Sofore Queen Size Bed Pillows, 2-Pack, $19.99 (orig. $22.99);

The pillows are filled with a plush gel fiber, are “cool to the touch,” and hold up well for both hot sleepers and residents in warm environments, with one buyer noting that they even remain cold during hot Arizona nights. The set is also easy to clean since it’s made out of fade- and stain-resistant fabric. And if your pillows start looking a little dingy, just can pop them into the washing machine.

Not only will the pillows keep you cool, but some reviewers mentioned that sleeping on them helped alleviate pain, too. “I suffer from psoriatic arthritis and the arthritis is really bad in my neck, cervical spine area,” a customer wrote. “I also have chronic migraines. I have had this pillow for a few months now and have not had to wake up with a stiff neck or migraine.”

Another shopper described them as “pleasantly plump,” adding, “I have not woken up with my hands numb and tingling since I started using these pillows.”

Save your summer sleep quality and swap out your old pillows for the cool, cloud-like Sofore pillows while they’re on sale for $10 apiece.


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