The Outsider: Gravel Expanse, Wattle Fencing Give Bed Stuy Garden a European Courtyard Feel

May is prime time for gardens, and garden inspiration. The Insider is mixing it up a bit this spring, with some garden posts to meet the season. – CG

Brook Klausing’s clients had recently purchased the two lower floors of a brownstone, with impressive, large-paned windows on the back wall that Klausing likedned to “viewing boxes.” But there wasn’t much to see. “The backyard was a blank slate,” he recalled.

The challenge was to create something both dog friendly and attractive to gaze out upon, as well as versatile for dining and entertaining. “We could have paved it, but gravel is a softer effect,” said Klausing, who founded Crown Heights-based garden design-build company Brook Landscape about 15 years ago, “We used strategic planting beds to bring in the green.”

To break up the gravel expanse, he created a few rounded beds in corners and at the perimeter. Plantings account for about a third of the garden’s area, giving it a freer, more open feeling than denser plantings would have.

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