The Onlyeasy Under-Bed Storage Bins Are $14 on Amazon

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Why is it that the space under our beds always seems to be so disorganized? Stashing extra bedding or off-season clothes under there is pretty common, but perfectly sized containers that easily organize your items aren’t easy to come by — until now.

The Onlyeasy Storage Bags are just $14 on Amazon, and more than 8,400 shoppers have given the best-selling bags a five-star rating, which makes them even more appealing.

They come in sets of two and are available in six colors, which all feature a see-through top, zippers, and four handles for easier access. Their size (39.4 by 19.7 by 5.9 inches) also makes them the perfect pick for corralling odds and ends under the bed. The storage bags are long yet not too tall, so they’re ideal for maximizing storage in small spaces. You can even fit them beneath low-profile beds, according to satisfied shoppers.

buy it Onlyeasy Foldable Under-Bed Storage Bags, Pack of 2, $13.97;

Even though the storage bags don’t take up a ton of space, they still hold a lot. Reviewers raved about how “huge” they are and wrote that the bins can fit “so much stuff.” One customer even said they hold “an entire dresser” of clothing, which is pretty impressive for just $7 apiece.

The under-bed storage bins are also breathable, so you won’t have to fret about your winter sweaters or extra blankets coming into contact with moisture, dust, or mold. Another bonus? Each bag is 100 percent eco-friendly thanks to its nonwoven material.

One thing to know before ordering: Since the bags have sides that are made of fabric, they’re not going to be rigid. Some reviewers were disappointed by this, although one advises that you shouldn’t “get stuck” on this feature. Plus, you can get versions with firm walls for only $4 more.

Although with convenient handles, multiple color choices, and the ability to use the bags for many years to come, it might be hard to convince yourself not to order the two-pack. Get a jumpstart on storing winter sweaters or bedding and order a set on Amazon today.


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