The New MAGA Hotness Is Getting COVID and Vlogging From Your Hospital Bed

One surefire way to get extreme MAGA belief these days is to catch COVID-19, lie about it and say you only have pneumonia, and remain unrepentant as an avowed anti-Vaxxer. But there’s at least one die-hard MAGA – an employee of Donald Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon – who takes things one step further.

His name is Ben Bergquam, and he recently vlogged his hospital bed after he was admitted to the hospital with the coronavirus. Bergquam has spoken about how excited he is that he never got the COVID vaccine and of course made sure to brag to his viewers about how fit he is.

Anyway, he was given oxygen and reported from the COVID ward about how many problems he had breathing in the middle of the night.

“He’s recording videos of his hospital bed like, ‘I’m so glad I didn’t get the vaccine.'” Fever Dreams Co-host Will Sommer shared about co-host Asawin Suebsaeng on this week’s episode of The Daily Beast’s Fever Dreams podcast. “He has the oxygen tube in his nose and says, ‘Oh, you just have to stay fit, you won’t die of COVID.’ And it’s like, buddy, when you’re in your thirties and hospitalized and you’re in relatively good shape – that’s not a good result for you when you have the virus. “

If you’re wondering if Bergquam took the time to include some required MyPillow promos, yes. Yes he has.

“He made the decision that with his potentially dying, wheezing breaths … vlog“, Said Suebsaeng, astonished. “I have to be a part-time pillow seller while I may be on my deathbed.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Suebsaeng and Fever Dreams interviewed producer Jesse Cannon Abbie Richards, a TikTok “power user” who is also a leading expert on how conspiracy theories have spread wildly on the popular video service.

Sommer and Suebsaeng also discussed the former’s exclusive coverage of former US House Representative Imran Awan – and how then-President Donald Trump and right-wing media tore his life and that of his family to pieces. Predictably, Trump and some of his media allies did so only armed with a crazy, completely unfounded conspiracy theory.

And if you want to learn more about the new group Trumpist pillow mogul Mike Lindell founded to coordinate various raids on elections across the country, check out the latest Fever Dreams episode. Did we mention that special is the group actually led by two participants in the deadly January 6th Capitol Riot?

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