The Matter Ended In Nothing

On March 22, 2010, Paulette Gebara, a four-year-old girl, disappeared from her own bed in Huixquilucan, Mexico state. His mother had put him in her pajamas and kissed him goodnight. But the next morning, when her grandmother tried to wake her up to go to school, The girl wasn’t. Neither there nor anywhere.

Immediately, they searched the apartment, the building, and even the condominium’s swimming pool, in which Paulette lived with her parents, Mauricio Gabara and Lisette Farah, and her sister. But the girl could not be traced. Nine days later she was found between the base of the bed and the mattress on which she was last seen.

Paulette Gebara: a crime that shook Mexicotime

The strange thing is when Paulette was missing, Some media interviewed relatives in the bed of the girlSo the authorities immediately pointed out that he (or) the criminals must be a member of his family. or close people.

In the days following the disappearance of Paulette Gabara, as reported by Mexican media millennium, The father announced that he knew where they would find him. However, he claimed that he needed some guarantees to be able to give the information claimed to him.

for its part, Lysette Farah begins to blame her husband for being responsible for what happened to her daughter. Paulette was a girl who had a motor disability that required constant specialized care.

Exactly nine days after the girl’s absence, she was found between the mattress and the base of the bed, According to local media, that prompted the authorities to launch investigations against both the parents and the family’s maternal grandmother. The matter reached the national interest, because The updates appeared on most media and social networks. In addition, it has moved from being a local case to being investigated by the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico, headed by Alberto Bazbazzar. And although the country’s authorities took on the task of finding the culprit, currently No family member was found responsible for what happened to Paulette And also there is no public clarity on the circumstances in which the girl died.

the place where Paulette was found dead
the place where Paulette was found deadweather/colombia

According to the postmortem report of the minor, The cause of his death was suffocation due to obstruction in his respiratory tract. And strong pressure on your trunk. after the crime Lisette Farah and Mauricio Gabara divorced and the custody of their first daughter with the mother.

Farah demanded that the judicial file of the inquiry be handed over to him. Since he had questioned the opinion which he had given to the lawyer’s office, in which he declared his death to be accidental.

Paulette Gebara's Last Images Alive
Paulette Gebara’s Last Images Aliveweather/colombia

Twelve years have passed since then and now Mexico remembers this death with more gusto because of the persistent discrepancies in the investigation of the case that shook the whole country: The disappearance and death of Debanhi Escobar.

and also, Some users of the social network claimed that, despite the years, there are still situations in which the authorities are incompetent. To be transparent in both the missing persons search and investigation procedures.

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