‘The Daily Show’ Offers Hilarious ICU Bed Alternative

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The cold and flu season is just around the corner. That means we will see another spike in COVID cases. Some places are already experiencing this. People, mostly those who don’t get vaccinated, are filling the ICU again. They’re taking away beds and care from people with non-COVID-related issues. It’s incredibly frustrating, however The daily show is here to add a little ease to the situation.

In a new sketch, Roy Wood Jr. plays Leo Deblin, a salesman with a new product: intensive care at home! Just not very good care in the intensive care unit at home! It’s not that people aren’t cared for in the intensive care unit at home. Some do. It can get incredibly expensive. Here Deblin offers a product that is more similar to what you would get in a real hospital. It’s a little out of date, a little flawed, and a little impersonal.

The sketch uses Wood Jr.’s talent for crazy characters. Because of this, it’s easier to laugh at a frustrating situation. At least that’s what it did to me. It feels like these COVID-related issues just won’t go away, and yet I feel powerless to change that. Well, now all I can do is laugh. It liberates. At least until tomorrow.

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