The Challenge’ Participants Axed For Bed-Hopping

Netflix’s Squid Game reality show, Squid Game: The Challenge has allegedly axed some of its participants for bed-hopping. The largest show in reality TV history is being filmed in Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom and participants were allotted rooms in the Central London-based Tower Hotel for two days. However, ahead of the start of the filming, two players were let go from the show for getting intimate. Keep reading to find out the details!

Squid Game: The Challenge Drops Two Contestants

The participants started off the reality show filming for the Red Light Green Light game featured in the original series. However, even before the filming started, two players were fired for being intimate with each other despite being warned against it. This brings down the total player count from 456 to 454 competing for $4.56 Million prize money.

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Before heading to the Bedfordshire filming studio, the players were warned not to interact with one another in any manner. Among them, two didn’t adhere to the regulations put in place by the authorities.

Squid Game Players Complain Of Harsh Filming Conditions

As reported to The Sun by an insider, “There were strict rules for players to follow before filming started on the show. They weren’t allowed to interact with other players, smoke, drink alcohol, or leave the hotel without permission. That proved hard to enforce with more than 450 players staying in the same hotel and seeing each other at meal times. The production team discovered two had been sleeping together and had to cut them from the show before it even started.”

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While these two were kicked off the set before they had a chance to participate, others that did get a chance to play didn’t have it good either. As per reports, the players at the studios found the weather unbearable as the temperatures dropped below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Given that the prize money is so big, people were willing to film even if hypothermia kicked in.

Netflix Denies Allegations Of Serious Injuries

A contestant revealed that several dropped flat on the ground after enduring the extreme weather for more than 30 minutes. There were even instances of medics taking out the contestants on a stretcher. By the end of the game, many were in tears due to the harsh filming conditions.

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While Netflix and its production studios maintain that the contestants were provided with the proper gear to keep warm, the contestants complained otherwise. Some even said that the situation on the set seemed like a warzone. However, the streaming service asserted that any claims of serious injuries are false.

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