The Calming Dog Bed Pet Parents Love Is 47% Off for Cyber Monday

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After a busy Thanksgiving weekend, we could all use a nap in our beds – including our pets. If you’ve traveled with your pets this weekend, introduced them to a bunch of new people, or left them with a sitter, they are probably a little stressed and anxious right now. Good thing Cyber ​​Monday has outrageous deals on pet products, including this soothing donut dog bed on Amazon that’s currently discounted 47 percent for Prime members. One shopper said that with fear, her pup “is finally able to relax and sleep in his new bed”.

The Active Pets Plush Calming Donut Dog Bed has over 2,000 perfect reviews due to its soft and supportive structure that pets (and their owners) love. It is made of a soft cotton filling that is lined with soft faux fur to keep you warm and comfortable while you sleep. The circular structure allows dogs to dig themselves in and find a comfortable position, and the raised rim is designed to support the head and neck. It even has a non-slip bottom so it doesn’t slip when getting in and out.

Buy it! Active Pets Plush Soothing Donut Dog Bed, $ 23.97 (orig. $ 44.96);

The fluffy and soothing dog bed is available in three sizes and four different colors to suit your dog’s needs and style preferences. Not only is it a great bed for everyday sleep, several buyers said it helped alleviate their pet’s anxiety during stressful car trips and thunderstorms. One pet parent even said, “My dog ​​gets scared on long drives, so I put his bed in the back seat and he slept soundly the whole trip.”

“We have an extremely anxious foster dog who hasn’t been able to relax in one place for long,” said one buyer. “I wanted something cozy and comfortable, and this bed is the one. [It’s] thick and soft; he picked it up immediately. It suits him perfectly and he seems to love it. “

Another reviewer wrote, “I was skeptical that this would actually make any difference and have any ‘calming’ charms, but my very scared dachshund has transformed! She sat on the plush pillow and relaxed and smiled for the entire two hour drive – which usually requires that she be held in a closed cage for her and my safety. I just wish we’d found this years ago! “

This Cyber ​​Monday offer won’t last long. So, if you need a calming solution to your anxious or energetic pup, now is the time to make your purchase. Head over to Amazon now to get the Donut Dog Bed for just $ 24.

Buy it! Active Pets Plush Soothing Donut Dog Bed, $ 23.97 (orig. $ 44.96);


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