The 10 Best Guided Sleep Meditation Apps and Audio for Anxiety

The best guided sleep meditation audio will help relax your mind and body, allowing you to fall asleep and sleep faster. Sounds good doesn’t it? Worries and fears always seem to creep into our heads on a massive scale Right as we go to bed. But if you are tired of waking up with fear, there is something you can do about it.

“Any meditation that focuses on sleep will generally be helpful,” says Abhinav Singh, MD and the medical director of the Indiana Sleep Center. Although, the doctor adds, “the key is not to try too hard”.

Simply put, cause and effect. According to Dr. Singh, most guided sleep meditations encourage relaxation, which in turn helps anchor a busy mind: “Every time you can accomplish this, you will be in a better position to let sleep come to you.”

There are many different sleep apps out there, but guided anti-anxiety meditation is a unique – and incredibly low-cost – way to try to get a better night’s sleep. So how do you choose the best guided sleep meditation for you without, as Singh says, trying too hard?

Here are 10 of the most recommended, top rated, and accessible. Relaxation meditation apps can be helpful for a variety of things, but the following are especially useful during bedtime. Sweet Dreams.


The recommendation for comes from Tamara Teragawa, registered yoga teacher and senior yoga teacher for Xponential +. Before bed, she is a fan of self-guided mindfulness meditation and brief bodyscan meditation (a practice that draws attention to your whole body to help focus the mind). You can find both on the website, but here is a free example of a night meditation designed specifically for sleep.

“A good night’s sleep is just as important as a healthy diet and regular exercise to achieve optimal health,” explains Teragawa. “When your body tells you it needs rest, slow down and make a solid sleep routine a priority and notice how much better you are feeling and doing in other areas of your life.”

In addition to bedtime meditation, she also recommends exercising, following a bedtime routine, and avoiding the phone and television before heading out.


Teragawa also recommends Headspace for guided deep sleep meditations. Here you can try a 12-minute sample.

“These type of meditations can be a short routine of three to five minutes, or stretch for 45 minutes or more, depending on what you’re looking for,” she says. “They allow you to slow down, connect with your breath and body, and realize what you need to really relax.”

Headspace free trial lasts for two weeks if you choose annual membership for $ 69.99. A monthly membership with a seven-day trial costs $ 12.99 each month.


Calm is a free downloadable app that offers a free one-week trial membership and then costs $ 69.99 per year or $ 14.99 per month. (Lifetime memberships are also available for a one-time fee of $ 399.99.)


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