Tenders out for new bed unit at hospital

Deputy Kieran O’Donnell welcomed the confirmation

Limerick & North Tipperary Fine Gael TD, Kieran O’Donnell has welcomed the confirmation he has received from UHL management that the new proposed 96 bed block on the Dooradoyle site is currently being advertised at UHL, with submissions by mid December are due. UHL has further confirmed to Deputy O’Donnell that the bids will be assessed and that the HSE board will receive a recommendation for approval to appoint a contractor in quarter 1 2022 and that the construction phase will take approximately 20 months after the contract is awarded, so that can be built by the end of 2023.

The construction company’s tender documents indicate that the development is a new 4-storey, acute inpatient extension with 96 single beds (gross floor area of ​​9,817 m²), which is located above the existing 2-storey above-ground kidney and emergency room. It states that construction is expected to start in the first quarter of 2022 or shortly thereafter with a contract term of around 20 months and an estimated total contract value of € 50 million.

“I welcome the confirmation I have received from the UHL management that the new planned 96-bed block on the UHL site is currently advertised and should be submitted by mid-December. The bids will then be evaluated and a recommendation made to the HSE board to approve the appointment of a contractor in the first quarter of next year. Once a contractor is appointed, the new 96-bed block will take approximately 20 months to build. So if the HSE board accelerates the approval of a contactor, this state-of-the-art bed block can be built by the end of 2023.

“I have been campaigning for additional beds at UHL for many years, so it is very welcome that the 96-bed block is currently being promoted by UHL in the tendering process. It is imperative that the approval for the appointment of a contractor by the HSE board is accelerated if it receives the preferred tender from UHL in the first quarter of 2022 so that construction can begin immediately.

“Our region has a historical problem with insufficient bed capacity. Together with the new 98-bed building in UHL last year, which also includes the new 60-bed block, the 96-bed block would increase the total number of new beds at the Dooradoyle location to 194 by the end of 2023 January last year made a huge difference, especially in dealing with the high hospital admissions caused by Covid19.

“I will continue to work to ensure that this 96 bed block is prioritized at UHL for rapid planning permission so that we can meet the increased bed capacity requirements for Limerick and the Midwest region.

“I would like to thank the management and HSE Estates for moving this 96 bed block forward as quickly as possible. I would also like to compliment the extremely hard-working UHL staff for their service and commitment to their patients. “

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