Teaching is the way ahead for some post graduates

14 Jun 2022 | 04:40am IST

Teaching is the way ahead for some postgraduates

End of post-graduation means time for entering the professional world. The students after completing their Masters degree generally prefer to take up jobs, while others turn entrepreneurs while some pursue a career in academics. What are the plans for PG students of 2021-22 batch?
Teaching is the way ahead for some postgraduates

With the curtains falling on 2021-22 academic year, it is time for the PG students to start chasing their career dreams. So, what is that our Goan students from Humanities stream wish to pursue as their career?

“I’m just planning to clear the National Eligibility Test (NET) to get admission for my PhD, meanwhile I also plan on taking up teaching. This is my first priority. However, if I don’t clear the entrance exam, I will then perhaps look for opportunities in the corporate sector,” Goa University student Akhil Naik said.

Currently studying in Heidelberg University, Germany, Goan youth Akash Vani said, “Ideally, I would like to continue my education by pursuing a doctoral degree, however the number of available PhD positions of my interest are less and the competition is fierce. Given the realities of the world, I believe being open to opportunities is the best way to move forward.”

Jude Fernandes, a student of Goa University said, “I completed my BA in English (Honours) degree at MES College and recently, Master of Arts in English at Goa University. My aspiration is to be an English teacher, so I intend to pursue B.Ed at Nirmala Institute – Panjim. Through this course, I’m eager to explore various teaching methods and gain practical experience.”

Just like Jude, Anabelle D’Cunha too wants to become a teacher.

“Now that I’m done with my Post Graduation, I plan to continue with my education and pursue a B.Ed degree in order to establish a career in teaching,” she said.

Aparna NP, who is an entrepreneur, wants to shift to academics. She is even preparing to appear for NET exam later this year.

“I’m looking to answer my NET exam in December. Although I have been an entrepreneur for the past six years, I want to take up full-time teaching as a career option now that I’m done with my PG. In the meantime, I got an internship opportunity in a media house and I decided to take it. So far, the internship has been great. It has been exposed to the rigors of the professional world. I am sure this experience will be very handy in future,” Aparna said.

Skandle Fernandes said that with the kind of jobs available today, the more educated you are, the better for yourself it seems to be.

“There is so much one can learn by pursuing further education. It only benefits you as it enhances the knowledge levels. For instance, with me, I believe one Master’s degree will not be helpful for the kind of job I’m aspiring for (even when people get the job I’m looking for with just this one degree),” he said.

However, she said that there is also the pressure to find a job so as to contribute towards family income.

“So even while you may have plans to study further, your obligations towards your family forces you to find a job as soon as possible! It becomes a stressful period.

You’re forced to do a lot of comprises too,” Skandle said.

Angelina Christina Andrade, who has done her M.Com from St. Xavier’s College Mapusa, said, “Since my golden days of college life has come to an end, I plan to take up a course on Digital Marketing and one day start my own business.”

Dania Kim Mendonca, who completed her MA from St. Xavier’s College Mapusa, said that now she is done with her Master’s in Psychology, “I wish to learn more on child and family and criminal psychology and to be an established writer or a poet. ”

Vaibhavi Naik from Goa University, who has just finished with her post-graduation in political science, is planning to study further. “I am planning to do B.Ed from PES College of Education, Ponda,” Viabhavi said.

Shivam Sangodkar said that he has finished his post-graduation in Political Science from Goa University. “I’m planning to do B.Ed from PES College of Education,” he said.

Manali Divkar said that she has completed her post-graduation in Political Science from Goa University and “I’m planning to get some job and not interested in studying further”, she said.


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