Tata Central Hospital gets 28-bed ultra-modern new wing

Jamshedpur, January 5th: In an effort to better serve the community and be future-proof, Tata Steel’s West Bokaro Division has inaugurated a state-of-the-art facility in the new wing of Tata Central Hospital in West Bokaro. The plant was inaugurated virtually by DB Sundara Ramam, Vice President (Raw Materials), Tata Steel, and Chanakya Chaudhary, Vice President (Corporate Services), Tata Steel, in the presence of Manish Mishra, General Manager, West Bokaro Division, Tata Steel .

DB Sundara Ramam, Vice President (Raw Materials) congratulated the entire team on completing this project on schedule in view of the emerging COVID cases

Chanakya Chaudhary, Vice President (Corporate Services)) said the department has taken many initiatives to address the COVID threat and this is another step in addressing the current situation.

The newly built new wing of Tata Central Hospital, West Bokaro Division, was built with the latest materials from Nest-In and covers an area of ​​2555 sq. Feet. The ultra-modern 28-bed facility houses hospital wards, nurses’ rooms, dressing rooms, medical rooms and separate toilets for patients and hospital staff. The outer walls consist of high-density fiber cement panels with a weatherproof paint and a thick cladding of aluminum composite panels (ACP). The inner walls consist of fiber cement panels (FCB) and plasterboard. There is a layer of Rockwool insulation between the outer and inner walls. Double-charged ceramic floor tiles with non-slip properties were also laid.

The use of Rockwool in the facility not only ensures thermal efficiency, ensures dimensional stability, protects against fire and vapor permeability, but also ensures the soundproofing of the building and thus patient comfort.

Present were Dr. Sudhir Rai, General Manager, Medical Services, Tata Steel, Dr. Rajan Chaudhry, Advisor, Medical Services, Tata Steel, BV Sudhir Kumar, Chief (CB), West Bokaro Division, Tata Steel, Anurag Dixit, Chief (QSEB), West Bokaro Division, Tata Steel, Rajesh Patel, Chief (QAB), West Bokaro Division, Tata Steel, PK Srivastava, Chief (CEP), West Bokaro Division, Tata Steel, Kailash Gope, Secretary, Rahstriya Colliery Mazdoor Sangh (RCMS), West Bokaro and Mahesh Prasad, President, RCMS, West Bokaro.

Established in 1948, Tata Central Hospital admits more than 2,800 patients for treatment each year and more than 1.05,000 (per year) patients attend OPD for basic exams. The hospital has a dedicated 50-bed COVID supply facility, a PSA oxygen system with 833 liters per minute, a TrueNat laboratory, 5 ventilators and 12 non-invasive ventilators. A total of 24 doctors and 43 nurses make up the hospital’s workforce. TCH has also played an important role in COVID-19 testing and COVID-19 vaccinations. To date, more than 10,000 tests have been carried out and more than 78,000 people from and around West Bokaro have been vaccinated.

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