Tanning fan reveals how she avoids streaky bed sheets & stops her man getting smudged

One WOMAN shared her top tip for keeping fake tans off her bedsheets – but it takes serious dedication.

Tanning fanatic Reagan shared a video of an extreme tanning routine and commentators couldn’t believe how far she goes to make sure her bedding stays clean.

Tanning fanatic Reagan revealed her ultimate tip for keeping her sheets clean


Tanning fanatic Reagan revealed her ultimate tip for keeping her sheets cleanPhoto credit: @reaganrickel / Tiktok
Commentators said they couldn't keep up with the engagement of their routine


Commentators said they couldn’t keep up with the engagement of their routinePhoto credit: @reaganrickel / Tiktok

Once a week when the mother is going through her self-tanning routine, she inflates and airs the bed and sleeps on it to make sure that her real bed stays fresh.

In the video, she showed herself puffing up an air bed before immediately getting a tan.

She said, “Once a week when I need to set up my solarium so I can avoid seasonal depression with my pale A **.”

The clip reached 1.5 million views, and many commentators couldn’t believe the hassle involved in Reagan’s tanning routine and suggested lower-maintenance approaches.

“I only have self-tanning sheets that I change my bed into and wash our normal sheets that night as this is a weekly thing lol,” wrote one viewer.

Another added, “I only have special PJs, long sleeves and pants for tanning.”

“Or get black sheets for self-tanning days,” advised another.

Reagan said none of these ideas would work for her and that she really had to sleep in a completely different place if she was tanning.

“I lay down on my husband so he’d be a blotchy wreck in the morning,” Reagan revealed.

However, some thought the idea was brilliant.

“Wait, that’s awesome,” wrote one enthusiastic viewer, while another said: “I don’t know why I never thought of it. Genius.”

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