World’s first HUMAN dog bed is a ‘dream come true’ for jealous pet owners

Plufl’s Human dog bed | Image: Instagram KEY HIGHLIGHTS Two university students from Vancouver have created the world’s first giant dog bed for humans The human dog bed looks exactly like a huge dog bed and can comfortably fit two people The bed is made with memory foam, orthopedic foam and faux fur to provide … Read more

World’s first human dog bed for jealous pet owners invented

A ginormous dog bed has been created for human owners who are jealous of their pet looking all cosy. The invention of two university students has gone viral online, with the creators calling it the ‘ultimate napping solution’ that relieves stress and anxiety. The human-sized dog bed was created by Canadian students Noah Silverman and … Read more

World’s first human dog bed is finally available for pet owners

Shut up and take our money Innovators in Canada have developed what they’re calling the “ultimate napping solution” – a dog bed for humans that both you and your pooch can enjoy. Created by university students Noah Silverman and Yuki Kinoshita, the Plufl is a snooze-worthy (in a good way) idea that promises to alleviate … Read more

World’s first human dog bed is ‘dream come true’ for jealous pet owners

A ginormous dog bed for humans is going viral online as it claims to provide ‘the ultimate napping experience’ and relieve stress – but it comes at a staggering cost of £320 Dog owners are going wild for the Plufl ( Image: Plusl) Have you ever looked at your dog almost asleep and felt envious … Read more

Introducing Plufl: The world’s first human-sized dog bed designed to relieve stress

The world’s first HUMAN dog bed launches to ‘relieve stress’ and provide the ‘ultimate napping experience’ – so would you buy it? The Plufl is the world’s first dog bed for humans that’s perfect for napping University students Noah Silverman and Yuki Kinoshita co-founded the idea They claim the human-sized dog bed is the ‘ultimate … Read more

System allows world’s first X-ray look at electron-beam 3D-printing process

Graduate student Luis Izet Escano with the apparatus he developed to study the structure of metal parts manufactured with a cutting-edge 3D printing process. Photo courtesy Izet Escano Combining special, high-energy X-rays with thermal imaging and visible light, engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are looking inside metal items made with a new 3D-printing technique … Read more

J&K: World’s tallest railway bridge in Reasi likely to be completed by Dec 2023

An engineering marvel in the making, the world’s tallest railway bridge being constructed over Chenab river in Jammu and Kashmir’s Reasi district is likely to come up by December next year. “After completing the main arch, work on laying the track will be taken up shortly. Once the track is completed, it will give impetus … Read more

How to find the world’s roomiest airplane seats

(CNN) – One of the greatest luxuries in flying is space: the space to stretch out, relax, work and sleep as we fly seven miles above the earth at almost the speed of sound. Nowadays this is international business class with flat beds that are longer than most people are tall. But some are more … Read more

Man finds one of world’s most venomous spiders breeding under his bed

Brazilian wandering spider | Image: Gil Wizen Key highlights Photographer Gil Wizen was shocked to find one of the world’s most venomous spiders breeding under his bed The Brazilian wandering spider was “the size of his hand” Wizen won a Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award for Urban Wildlife for the image of the spider … Read more