10 ways to ‘prevent’ first frost from ruining your plants – including bed sheet hack

8. Bubble wrap This is a more common hack known to gardeners, and works great for protecting a variety of garden plants, including banana plants. Using bubble wrap helps to insulate them as the trapped warm air prevents frost from appearing. The gardening experts noted: “Try not to wrap them too tightly on the plants. … Read more

30 Gorgeous Ways To Style A Canopy Bed

Ground Picture/Shutterstock Your bedroom can easily be one of the most fun rooms in your home to decorate. Unlike more utilitarian rooms like your kitchen or bathroom, there aren’t any major installations like refrigerators or showers blocking your arrangement potential. All you really need to have in your bedroom is a bed, too, so your … Read more

5 ways to not be self-conscious in bed with your partner

It is natural for many to not feel confident enough or be self-conscious in bed. Even though with their partners, sometimes people cannot be comfortable in their bedroom. However, there are ways in which you can overcome it; enlisted below are five of them. First Published Nov 6, 2022, 7:30 AM IST We are often … Read more

10 Easy Ways To Store Your Bed Throw Pillows At Night

Justin_Krug/Shutterstock We may receive a commission on purchases made from links. To create a cozy bed, you’ll need a fluffy duvet, blankets, and, yes, lots of throw pillows. While some may think that bedroom throw pillows are useless, one affirmation argues that they have several benefits. A small throw could provide the perfect back support … Read more

Monroe County looking for ways to help ease nursing home bed shortage

ROCHESTER, NY The flu is here early this year and it is spreading fast, which is causing major concern among local health care leaders. All of our local hospitals are already at or well over capacity and an early flu season is likely to make things worse. “We’re seeing an increase in flu cases this … Read more

3 Creative Ways To Use Bed Slats To Organize Your Space

Using bed slats is an inexpensive and practical alternative to traditional shelving. Slats are adaptable to narrow spaces and they do not protrude as much as their conventional counterpart. They can be cut to fit and squeezed into tight corners. Bed slats are appropriate to construct a frame and the shelves themselves, according to Pillar … Read more