DHS issues bed bug warning amid college town move-in season

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – Before picking up a piece of furniture up off the side of the road during this college move-in season, Wisconsin health officials are urging people to think twice. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services reminded people in a tweet Monday that while used furniture could look great in a new apartment, … Read more

Majorca, Alicante, Canary Islands: Spain popular spots face ‘very serious’ bed bug warning | Travel News | Travel

The association is also warning of the presence of a new species of tropical bed bug with a potential risk of transmitting diseases in Spain. The new species is called Cimex hemipterus and is native to Asia but in recent years has been colonizing Australia, the United States and Europe. Anecpla warned: “This is a … Read more

Health ministry failed to share warning about IC bed shortage: NOS

Photo: Depositphotos.com Hospital chiefs have said failure by the health ministry to share an early warning about a lack of IC beds had prevented preparations to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The concept memo dated February 9 2020, has been released by the health ministry under freedom of information legislation. In it, public … Read more

CPSC Issues Warning for Adult Bed Rails After 3 Deaths

At least three people have died from being trapped by one of the bed rail models, according to the June 2 safety warning, includinga 78-year-old woman in a Michigan assisted-living facility in 2006, an 85-year-old man in an Oklahoma nursing home in 2007, and a 90-year-old disabled woman in California in 2013. CPSC said neither … Read more

Urgent warning to dog owners NOT to share their bed with pet over bug alert

DOG owners are being warned not to let their canine companions into bed as a potential killer bug spreads. This “untreatable superbug” is the mcr-1 gene and it’s passed from animals to humans through microscopic faecal particles. 1 Members of the public are being warned not to share cuddles with their pets in bed anymore … Read more

Dog owners warning: don’t share bed due to superbug

The mcr-1 gene was first identified in 2015 and has built up a resistance to certain life-saving drugs Dog owners are being urged not to regularly share their beds with their pets, following the spread of an “untreatable superbug”. The mcr-1 gene, which is believed to be transmitted from animals to humans, has built up … Read more

Pontins warning as sofa bed ‘cut dad’s fingertip clean off’

A Pontins visitor claims an alleged faulty chalet sofa bed “cut their dad’s fingertip clean off”. The appalled holidaymaker claimed the dad was “bleeding everywhere” after the incident. The visitor took to Tripadvisor to complain after the stay at the Brean Sands holiday park. The review is one of a long line of scathing verdicts. … Read more

Aussie home owner’s urgent warning over the secret mould hiding in your bed

A Sydney resident has issued an urgent warning after discovering a “devastating” amount of mold hiding in her bedroom. Sharing on a popular Facebook page, the woman urged home owners to check behind their beds after finding large amounts of mold behind the headboard of her bed frame. The warning comes as millions of Australians … Read more

Chinese Man Attempts to Cross Waterfall Despite Warning, Ends Up on Bed of Rocks

Warning signs are placed at accident-prone areas to avoid mishaps but sometimes, thrill-seekers choose to ignore them. A man in China learned to always follow these warning signs the hard way after his stunt went horribly wrong. He attempted to cross a waterfall but failed after slipping down and hitting a pool of rocks. The … Read more