Vancouver rentals: Den too small for single bed for $750/month

A windowless den in a downtown Vancouver studio is about half the size legally allowed for a prison cell in Canada – and it’s being rented for $750 a month. Those currently navigating the city’s rental market – notorious for high prices and low vacancy rates – are doing so at a time when record-breaking … Read more

How about Bed-In for Ukraine? Yoko Ono Vancouver exhibit timely tonic

Breadcrumb Trail links Politics opinion News Local News Local Arts entertainment columnists Opinion: Ono invites viewers to play an active part in the creative process: The exhibit provides objects — a canvas, a hammer and nails, a ladder, pieces of ceramics — and instructions Publishing date: Mar 03, 2022 • 54 minutes ago • 4 … Read more

Vancouver truck protester illegally drives with dog in pickup bed (VIDEO)

A driver of a local Vancouver rally who opposed vaccination requirements joined the demonstration with his dog in the back of his pickup truck – a movement that is not only illegal but also dangerous for animals. Lindsay Bring spotted the dog in the pickup truck from the window of her Broadway apartment and filmed … Read more