Here are some best foods to consume before hitting bed to ensure good sleep

A sound sleep night reduces the risk of developing certain chronic illnesses, boosts one’s immune system, and also keeps the brain active. Experts generally recommended that an individual should get 7 and 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. Photo for representation . AP Getting adequate sleep is essential for everyone as it helps a … Read more

6 Best Foods To Eat Before Bed To Ensure A Good Night’s Sleep

While there are some who say that you shouldn’t eat anything right before getting tucked in for the night. That isn’t totally true. Eating the right types of food before dozing off for the day can actually help you to fall asleep more quickly, further dietary goals, and improve the quality of your sleep. The … Read more

People Sleep Better With Pets in Their Bed, According to New Survey

In honor of National Pet Month, a new survey found that most people who share a bed with their pets sleep better and have more quality sleep. Source: 72 Point US/Youtube The survey was conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Sealy, a mattress company. According to Talker, the survey consisted of 2,000 American pet owners … Read more

Steph Curry put the Mavs to sleep with this final epic shot

Steph Curry might not always look like it, but he can be quite disrespectful on the basketball court. It doesn’t always work out. Remember when he evoked “Whoop that Trick” in Game 5 against Memphis and then the Warriors got blown out? Other times it’s not even aimed at the other team. Sometimes, it can … Read more

Seven in ten Americans say sharing a bed with their cat or dog improves their sleep, survey finds

Seven in ten Americans say sharing a bed with their cat or dog improves their sleep, survey finds A survey has found Americans who sleep alongside their cats and dogs believe it helps them sleep at night Half of participants also said that they felt being near their pet reduced their stress and anxiety levels … Read more

Should you read in bed?

Many people curl up under the covers with a book as a matter of habit before turning off the lights. But not all nighttime habits are good ones: Watching television or scrolling Instagram, for example, can be detrimental to your sleep. We spoke with sleep experts to see if reading should be part of your … Read more

More people would rather sleep with their pet than their spouse

They might not complain about being in the doghouse now. A new survey found that pet owners actually prefer sleeping with their pets over their partners. Out of 2,000 American pet owners in the study, which was reported by OnePoll and commissioned by mattress company Sealy, 66% said they allow their precious pets to sleep … Read more