What to Do If You Find Bed Bugs In Your Hotel Room

photo: Akos Nagy (Shutterstock) Nobody wants bed bugs. You don’t want bed bugs. The hotel you’re staying in does not want bed bugs, but it’s entirely possible that it has them. We have tips on how to check your hotel room for bed bugs, but what do you do if you actually find some? you … Read more

This Is the Only Right Way to Serve a Mom Breakfast in Bed on Mother’s Day

photo: Brent Hofacker (Shutterstock) “Breakfast in bed” is an enchanting concept—and is traditionally considered the proper way to serve breakfast to a mom on Mother’s Day—but runny egg yolks, pools of syrup, and cutlery of any kind add a certain amount of stress and awkwardness to something that should be relaxing. other relaxation on Mother’s … Read more

Food Does Not Belong in Your Bed

Those sheets are about to be a disasterphoto: Africa Studio (Shutterstock) Eating in bed is fuckin’ big. In movies and pop culture it’s framed as cute and ending: a bouncy kid brings Mom a tray of misshapen pancakes, slightly burnt bacon, and a mug of hot coffee. In reality, it’s the fastest way to shatter … Read more

You Don’t Even Have to Sit Up Under Your Own Power With This Motorized Gaming Bed

As much as you might want to spend every hour of the day gaming, at some point your body will succumb to sleep. You can either doze off in a gaming chair and suffer the sore consequences the next day, physically walk to a bed like a sucker, or upgrade your sweet setup with a … Read more

How to Make Your Bed Look Like It’s Floating

photo: ImageFlow (Shutterstock) A floating platform bed can add an interesting aesthetic and dimension to your bedroom—and they’re relatively inexpensive to make and install yourself. There are some things to consider before you dive in, though, from both a design and safety perspective. To start with, “floating” platform beds obviously aren’t really floating—it’s an optical … Read more

Skittles sells candy-dispensing bed for $1.50

image: Bowling We all know that it’s a cozy moment to lie in bed and watch a movie, sometimes so comfortable that if the remote control or something is just out of reach, it is better to stretch your arms out as far as you can, instead of actually getting it on to grab it. … Read more

Newman Regional Health reports 12% bed capacity | Free

Newman Regional Health continued to report low bed capacity Thursday, with an average of only three beds available between October 6 and October 19. During this period, the hospital reported a daily average of 22 hospitalized patients – both COVID and non-COVID admissions – with 20 beds outside the ICU and two beds in the … Read more