Man found partner dead in bed after misuse of pain medication

An inquest at Preston Coroner’s Court heard how Mrs Karen Victoria Doris, 49, from Ribbleton had suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) which can cause breathing difficulty and chronic back pain. The former receptionist, who had a history of self medicating, was found unresponsive by her partner Jason Crossley in bed on December 1 … Read more

Air Force vet lies in bed in pain because stretcher service non-existent

“I think her situation is something I hear too frequently,” said Damon Mustaca, director of business development at Rochester Medical Transportation. I called him when I learned about Jim Roth’s situation. RMT has a stretcher van. Brean: “So what happened to stretcher service?” Damon Mustaça: “Well I would say a couple of things. One of … Read more

Croydon hospital left new mum in store room ‘bleeding on bed’ for an entire day and stitched another up without enough pain relief

Hannah Mills still has nightmares about giving birth at Croydon University Hospital. The mental scars run deep and smear tests for cervical cancer trigger flashbacks. “I have had counselling, but it will never go away,” she told MyLondon. “I suffer with PTSD because of it.” While giving birth to her son, Hannah suffered a severe … Read more

Emenike shares video from hospital bed, says ‘this pain is too much’

Emmanuel Emenike, former Super Eagles striker, has taken to social media to share a video showing him in a sickbed. In the video posted on his verified Instagram page in the early hours of Wednesday, the footballer complained about “too much” pain. In the short and muted clip, the hunky striker laid on a hospital … Read more

‘Eye-opening’ Experience on the Other Side of the Hospital Bed

The 5 days that she spent at her mother’s bedside were eye-opening for an oncologist used to being on the other side of the clinician–patient relationship. “As a physician, I thought I had a unique perspective of things that were done well — and things that were not,” commented Pamela Kunz, MD. Kunz, who was … Read more

Gabriel Batistuta wanted doctor to amputate his legs after severe pain made him wet the bed

Gabriel Batistuta turns 53 years old today and is a long way from his playing days – but the Argentina legend’s commitment to football has left him with a debilitating injury. Batistuta enjoyed a brilliant 17-year playing career in which he netted 300 goals in 516 appearances before hanging up his boots in 2005. The … Read more

I thought Arianna’s back pain was down to her new bed

WE’VE all been adjusting to a ‘new normal’ in recent months, but for one family, the new normal they’re grappling with is utterly devastating. “It’s a bit hard to take really – we’re 10 weeks in nearly and it’s still very fresh,” says Abigail Solieri, 33, of her daughter Arianna’s shocking cancer diagnosis. “I still … Read more

I blamed back pain on my uncomfortable bed but it turned out to be a silent killer

THE start of a relationship is an exciting time for any new couple. There are many milestones, including the official opening, moving in together and shopping together for the house – but for Gemma Brown, one item helped reveal a terminal illness. 5 Gemma Brown found herself at an exciting stage in her life after … Read more