BP is still in bed with the Kremlin

The oil giant may feel aggrieved that it is being singled out again over its Russian interests when other multi-nationals have failed to pull out but the point about BP is that its tie-up with Rosneft is more than a commercial venture in a country at was with the West. By being a major shareholder … Read more

Thanks to bed bug hysteria, throwing out a mattress is going to cost me money (opinion)

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Are bed bugs really that much of a problem? I mean, outside of hotels and hostels and the like, where you’re never sure who’s been there before you and you don’t know how well places are cleaned. Some offices too, I guess. That’s the most likely way you’ll bring bed bugs … Read more

Opinion | Mitch McConnell made his bed

I’m not sure what to make of Karen Tumulty’s Oct. 3 op-ed, “Trump’s attack against McConnell sets new low.” Though I share her concern about the incendiary language that former president Donald Trump used in his recent criticism of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) — “DEATH WISH” is a loaded phrase — I can’t … Read more

Is Singapore a bed of roses? | Letters to Editor

“The basic difference in our approach springs from our traditional Asian value system which places the interests of the community over and above that of the individual.”(Lee Kuan Yew, former prime minister of Singapore) “In criminal law legislation, our priority is the security and well-being of law-abiding citizens rather than the rights of the criminal … Read more

Wife’s Response to Husband in Bed With Another Woman Divides Opinion

A woman has described a difficult situation on Reddit concerning her efforts to reconcile with her husband following their separation after a woman sent her a photograph of the two of them in bed together. In the post, which has nearly 10,000 likes, the woman who calls herself Latter-Tone3739 explained that although she has been … Read more

Annie Bingle | How making your bed will change your life

Bingle’s Banter | Making your bed is essential to 21st Century health and wellness By Annie Bingle 09/22/22 9:34am A room in Lauder College House. Credit: Amanda Shen What if I told you three minutes each morning could help you destress, manage your day, and lead a healthier life? While it may sound too good … Read more

Opinion | Let’s put to bed the old trope of a common left and right

Jason Willick’s Sept. 6 op-ed, “A 1950s new left manifesto explains the 2020s new right,” was revisionism about the alleged common roots of the far right and far left. That these not-histories virtually always come from the right shows how conservative intellectuals, seeing what their progeny have done with their work, are anxious to disown … Read more

Debbie Ngarewa-Packer: Govt looks weak on sea bed mining while other nations move to stop it

Demonstrators carry banners and flags during a protest outside the venue hosting the United Nations Ocean Conference in Lisbon on June 29. Photo / AP OPINIONS: Last week I got to experience my first Member’s Bill being pulled out of the biscuit tin. As a party of two the odds of getting pulled are not … Read more

Opinion | Joe Biden op-ed: What I hope to accomplish in Saudi Arabia and Israel

Comment on this story Comment Joe Biden is President of the United States. Next week, I’ll travel to the Middle East to start a new and more promising chapter of America’s engagement there. This trip comes at a vital time for the region, and it will advance important American interests. A more secure and integrated … Read more