Ontario NDP calls on Liberals to drop candidate after 2004 op-ed

The leader of the Ontario Liberals says he has no plans to remove one of its candidates from the party, following another round of calls from the NDP to do just that. This party has removed three of its candidates since the start of the provincial election campaign. Two of individuals were ousted after it … Read more

Maryland Lawmakers Must Override Governor’s Drug Paraphernalia Decriminalization Veto (Op-Ed)

A bill to legalize and regulate the sale of marijuana in Mexico is being circulated among senators, and a senior lawmaker says it is slated to vote on the proposal before December 15. Although the law has not yet been officially introduced, the draft measures largely reflect an earlier version that the Senate passed with … Read more

Op-Ed: Sununu’s Hospital Bed Order Doesn’t Prevent COVID-19

By RICH DiPENTIMA So Governor Sununu gives DHHS an executive order to expand hospital bed capacity. He stressed that there would be no emergency statement or mask order. The hospital bed order does nothing to prevent it, it just leaves space for more sick people. Without enough staff, opening more beds will of course not … Read more