Air Force vet lies in bed in pain because stretcher service non-existent

“I think her situation is something I hear too frequently,” said Damon Mustaca, director of business development at Rochester Medical Transportation. I called him when I learned about Jim Roth’s situation. RMT has a stretcher van. Brean: “So what happened to stretcher service?” Damon Mustaça: “Well I would say a couple of things. One of … Read more

brabu: Take Call On ‘non-existent’ Bed College In 2 Weeks: Hc | Patna News

Patna: The Patna Supreme Court on Friday took officials from the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) and BR Ambedkar University (BRABU) to court for delaying the decision on the recognition and affiliation of the Upendra Sharma Teachers Training College in Telhara Khurd in East Champaran district. The college was found to be “non-existent” in … Read more