What to Do If You Find Bed Bugs In Your Hotel Room

photo: Akos Nagy (Shutterstock) Nobody wants bed bugs. You don’t want bed bugs. The hotel you’re staying in does not want bed bugs, but it’s entirely possible that it has them. We have tips on how to check your hotel room for bed bugs, but what do you do if you actually find some? you … Read more

How to Stop Grass From Growing in Your Flower Bed Without Killing Your Flowers

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This Is the Only Right Way to Serve a Mom Breakfast in Bed on Mother’s Day

photo: Brent Hofacker (Shutterstock) “Breakfast in bed” is an enchanting concept—and is traditionally considered the proper way to serve breakfast to a mom on Mother’s Day—but runny egg yolks, pools of syrup, and cutlery of any kind add a certain amount of stress and awkwardness to something that should be relaxing. other relaxation on Mother’s … Read more

How to Talk Dirty in Bed Without Feeling Awkward

We know communication is the bedrock of any success romantic relationship, and that includes how we communicate our needs and desires in the bedroom. So why does talking dirty seem so…awkward? As simple as it might look in movies and porn, in real life dirty talk doesn’t always flow off the tongue quite as easily … Read more

How to Make Your Bed Look Like It’s Floating

photo: ImageFlow (Shutterstock) A floating platform bed can add an interesting aesthetic and dimension to your bedroom—and they’re relatively inexpensive to make and install yourself. There are some things to consider before you dive in, though, from both a design and safety perspective. To start with, “floating” platform beds obviously aren’t really floating—it’s an optical … Read more

How to Make a Cheap DIY Canopy Bed

photo: Archi_Viz (Shutterstock) Four poster beds can make your bedroom feel romantic, calm and peaceful. But four-poster beds themselves are, well, expensive. You can get the canopy look, but without the expense. Just make your own. What you need for your four-poster bed For these projects, you will need a tape measure, a screwdriver, and … Read more