Air Force vet lies in bed in pain because stretcher service non-existent

“I think her situation is something I hear too frequently,” said Damon Mustaca, director of business development at Rochester Medical Transportation. I called him when I learned about Jim Roth’s situation. RMT has a stretcher van. Brean: “So what happened to stretcher service?” Damon Mustaça: “Well I would say a couple of things. One of … Read more

Russia made the bed in Ukraine it now lies in

American neoconservative scholar Robert Kagan says “the global power and influence that has characterized most of the post-Cold War era and still governs the world today” is the United States of America, “the only truly global superpower during the Cold War.” According to Kagan, America, with its unparalleled wealth, might and extensive international alliances created … Read more

Bigg Boss Live Updates: Actress Lies On The Same Bed With Him

5:00 pm: All the contestants assemble in the main hall on the order of Bigg Boss. Voting among the contestants went on. Some differences sprout among the members followed by voting. 4:45 pm: Teju and Ajay lie down tightly in a small sofa to chit chat. Ariana is in sleep mode and sitting lazily in … Read more

The week in audio: The Exploding Library; Famous Firsts; Ry-Union; Bed of Lies | Radio

The Exploding Library: Flann O’Brien’s third cop (BBC Radio 4) | BBC soundsFamous premieres with Jenni Falconer | Smooth radioRy Union | Sky bingoLie bed: blood | The telegraph There was a nice, funny, weird show about Flann O’Briens The third cop on Radio 4 on Thursday morning the first episode of a three-part series, … Read more

Bed of Lies, Series 2: Episode 4 – Fabrication | Podcast

The Telegraph released this video, entitled “Bed of Lies, Series 2: Episode 4 – Fabrication | Podcast ”- below is their description. It was supposed to be a miracle treatment, but it became a deadly poison. Telegraph Features writer Cara McGoogan explores the story you didn’t want to know – and one of the greatest … Read more

Zuckerberg Avatar Enthusiastically Greets Staff In VR Office As Catatonic Body Lies In Hospital Bed

MENLO PARK, CA – Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s avatar waved to employees as they entered the expanded Facebook Connect conference and enthusiastically welcomed employees to a VR office on Friday when his catatonic body lay in a hospital bed. “Welcome to the future of connecting with others,” said Zuckerberg’s graphic, boasting of his new vision … Read more

Businesses lament Perth homelessness surge as McGowan’s 100-bed facility lies in wait

“I don’t think they really care about the homeless,” he said. “They’ll drive by in their City Watch cars, but they don’t get out and offer help or education.” He said the city needed to get back to basics of intervening from the start so that rough sleepers could realize they couldn’t just lie down … Read more