If the Desilted Soil is Not Disposed of on Time, It’ll Settle Pollutants on Lake Bed when … – Latest Tweet by ANI

If the desilted soil is not disposed of on time, it’ll settle pollutants on lake bed when monsoon arrives. Water quality of Bengaluru lakes is a matter of concern. I’ve brought this to BBMP’s notice… they’ve not cleared it as of now: Lake Conservationist Raghavendra B Pachhapur pic.twitter.com/MtTtfsbaWf— ANI (@ANI) June 23, 2022 (SocialLY brings … Read more

After ox-shoe pit stop, on through Lake Agassiz’s ancient lake bed

Several nights ago we camped beside the town of Lake Agassiz, Minn. At least that’s what I read on the map. I didn’t blink and I still missed it. Not much of a monument to the largest lake the world has ever known. Lake Agassiz was almost four times the size of Lake Superior, the … Read more

Officials warn that more exposed Great Salt Lake bed means increased dust storms

This article is published through the Great Salt Lake Collaborative, a solutions journalism initiative that partners news, education and media organizations to help inform people about the plight of the Great Salt Lake — and what can be done to make a difference before it is too late. Read all of our stories at greatsaltlakenews.org. … Read more

More exposed Great Salt Lake bed means increased dust storms, officials warn

The dust from the exposed parts of the lake has scientists and environmentalists concerned. (Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune) The shore of the Great Salt Lake on Stansbury Island on Saturday, March 26, 2022. The exposed lake beds are causing more dust storms. | June 1, 2022, 12:00 p.m Farmington Bay, Utah • … Read more

More exposed Great Salt Lake bed means increased dust storms, officials warn | News, Sports, Jobs

Riders cross the dried up lake bed of Farmington Bay as they moved bison back to the mainland during the roundup at Antelope Island State Park on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016. Great Salt Lake Collaborative BENJAMIN ZACK, Standard-Examiner file photo Riders cross the dried up lake bed of Farmington Bay … Read more

More exposed Great Salt Lake bed means increased dust storms, officials warn

FARMINGTON BAY, Utah — More dust storms could blow into the Wasatch Front as a result of increasingly exposed lake bed, state leaders are warning. “It’s common sense that when you expose another 300 to 400 square miles of lake bed and the wind kicks up, you’re going to have more dust,” House Speaker Brad … Read more

kaushika neer: Tank On Dry Lake Bed To Quench Thirst Of Birds | Coimbatore News

Coimbatore: Members of NGO Kaushika Neer Karangal have set up a 6,000-litre tank inside the sprawling Chinnavedampatti lake, which has turned bone-dry.The lake, spread over 200 acres, is home to birds, reptiles and small animals. It contains water only in the rainy season and remains dry the rest of the year, causing distress to birds … Read more

Spring Lake board makes final decision on invocation policy

The Spring Lake Board of Alderman on Monday rejected creating a new invocation policy for the town, after months of discussions. The board has been considering an invocation policy that would invite community members of all faiths, instead of board members, to say the prayer at the beginning of meetings. The board currently does not … Read more

A century of human activity is coming back as toxic dust as the Great Salt Lake shrinks

The scenario reads more like apocalyptic science fiction than reality. The Great Salt Lake recedes and an ecological disaster, fanned by the wind, hits the Wasatch Front. But it’s not fiction. A team of graduate students at Utah State University is measuring airborne dust from the exposed lake bed as the water retreats, and some … Read more

Lake George hotel puts flooding issues to bed

LAKE GEORGE, NY (NEWS10) – Of the many village businesses positioned right by Lake George, one has seen more water than just what the lake can provide. This week, the business owner is – hopefully – ending a nearly 11-year battle to keep his parking lot dry. Two large trucks from Ellsworth & Son Excavating … Read more