Patrick Beverley: “Do I Go To Bed Early The Night Before Playing Chris Paul? Hell No. But If I’m Playing Steph Curry Tomorrow, I’m Going To Bed At 8 O’Clock. Telling My Girl Not To Call Me!”

Patrick Beverley and Chris Paul aren’t exactly the best of friends. They don’t like each other and going by some of Beverley’s recent comments, it doesn’t look like there’s much respect either. Beverley was on an ESPN tour yesterday and took every opportunity to diss Paul after his top-seeded Phoenix Suns crumbled in a Game … Read more

Tim Dowling: the cat is using my lettuce bed as a litter tray. He’ll be sorry | Cats

Here is what the cat does: he waits until I have transplanted a row of seedlings into the fine tilth of the raised bed. Then, for good measure, he waits a few more days, until he is sure I’m satisfied that the seedlings are well established. Then he goes out and shits in the middle … Read more

‘Utter hell’: Sydney woman opens up about horror find before bed

Elise Sproll’s life was turned upside down when she found a lump in her breast. Photo/Supplied Elise Sproll had just completed a work presentation in New Zealand and was flying home to Sydney for an early 33rd birthday celebration when she discovered something that turned her life upside down. The then 32-year-old decided to check … Read more

Family-of-seven say mouldy and rat infested two-bed flat is a ‘living hell’

A family of seven from Bristol in desperate need of a bigger home say they live in a “hellish” two-bedroom apartment with mold, moisture and rats roaming the ceilings. Adrian Paisey and partner Lucy Neale claim that their children in the first floor apartment suffer and are afraid to sleep in their bedroom. The Withywood … Read more