Dogs Take Away Baby From Hospital Bed, Maul Him To Death In Panipat

Police took the body for post-mortem examination. Chandigarh: A three-day-old baby was mauled to death by dogs late last night after they took him away from next to his sleeping mother and other relatives at a private hospital in Panipat, Haryana. Police sent the body for an autopsy and started investigations. The hospital management, however, … Read more

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Dyson scientist reveals why you should NEVER let your dogs or cats sleep on the end of your bed

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Owners warned not to share bed with their dogs due to ‘untreatable superbug’

The mcr-1 gene, which was first identified in China in 2015, has built up a resistance to certain life-saving drugs – it is transported from animals to humans via microscopic fecal particles The mcr-1 gene is thought to be transmitted from animals to humans ( Image: Getty Images/EyeEm) Dog owners are being urged against regularly … Read more

Boy unable to smile after ‘sweet’ dog ripped off his cheek in bed

A little boy has been left unable to smile after his pet dog ripped off his cheek while they watched a Disney film in bed. Brantley Manion, five, was pounced on by Marley, a Mountain Cur English pointer cross, on January 8. Mom Amanda Dally, of Wentzville, Missouri, said she and her husband Christopher, 34, … Read more

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