Half of UK single men only change their bed sheets ‘every four months’

They can’t smell great after four months (Picture: Getty/EyeEm) How frequently do you wash your bed sheets? Be honest. Well, if you’re a single man you’re much more likely to be leaving the dreaded chore for months at a time – according to new research. Almost half of single men don’t wash their bed sheets … Read more

Has the Tamil Nadu TRB’s change in rules adversely impacted marginalised aspirants of BEd course?- Edexlive

Pic: Edexlive BEd graduates seem to have been caught off-guard by the Teacher Recruitment Board’s decision to increase the UG pass percentage from 40 per cent to 45 per cent. Those BEd graduates who scored below 45 per cent in their undergraduate program are now ineligible to apply for the Tamil Nadu Teacher Eligibility Test … Read more

SC rule change hasn’t put to bed Abu Dhabi questions

Ted Kravitz feels the FIA ​​have avoided condemning what happened in Abu Dhabi as that would “influence the legitimacy” of Max Verstappen’s championship. Verstappen won the 2021 World title with a last-lap-of-the-season pass on Lewis Hamilton but that was only after then FIA race director Michael Masi made that possible. The Australian made the unprecedented … Read more

Bed, Bath & Beyond up 75% in Pre-Market, As GameStop Chair Pushes for Major Change

marekuliasz / Getty Images GameStop chair and Chewy co-founder Ryan Cohen revealed his company, RC Ventures holds a 9.8% share of Bed, Bath & Beyond, which sent the stock soaring 75% in pre-market trading on March 7. See: Top 6 Stocks To Buy in March, According To Experts Find: The Cheesecake Factory and Other Major … Read more