Stubborn Cat Goes Viral for Not Giving Up Dog Bed to Doberman

This hilarious, stubborn cat went viral on TikTok for refusing to give up her spot on the bed of the family’s Doberman, Sunny. @amandaplease606 SHE KNOWS THIS IS HER BED, NOT THE CATS 😅😂 She’s FED UP. For people who think sunny is being aggressive/needs to leave the cat alone- Kodak is a hood rat … Read more

This Must-have Heated Cat Bed Is Guaranteed To Keep Your Favorite Feline Warm and Toasty All Winter Long

Dotdash Meredith and Yahoo Inc. may earn commission or revenue on some items through the links below. cat laying in heated cat bed Daily Paws Just like humans—cats like to find any possible way to stay warm during the winter. Whether it’s snuggling under a blanket, laying on top of a heat vent, or luxuriating … Read more

Actor Randeep Hooda hospitalised after fainting while horse riding, advised complete bed rest due to severe injury

This Bollywood actor drove taxi for three years before making his debut Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda was reportedly hospitalized at Mumbai’s Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital after he fainted while riding a horse and got severely injured. The incident had taken place a few days back and at present he has been advised to be in … Read more

Cat Refuses to Give Up Bed To Angry Doberman In Hilarious Video

A cat has been applauded for its steadfast refusal to vacate a bed belonging to its owner’s pet doberman. Footage of Kodak the cat clinging on as Sunny the doberman attempts to shake him from her sleeping place was shared to TikTok by their owner Amanda Hope, posting under the handle amandaplease606. The video has … Read more

“Wake Up”: Wise Cat Gently Taps Little Baby Sleeping on The Bed, Video of its Action Goes Viral on TikTok

A cat’s behavior of tapping a seeing kid has made it a viral sensation on TikTok where its video has received over 52 million views The interesting video of the cat was posted on the platform by Rachel Tortorello who appears to be a cat lover TikTok users find the cat’s behavior towards a child … Read more

Anya Taylor-Joy and Malcolm MacRae send Christmas greetings from bed as the CAT sleeps on her head

‘Merry Christmas to all you filthy animals’: Anya Taylor-Joy sends Christmas greeting from her cozy bed with partner Malcolm MacRae while the CAT sleeps on her head By Alesia Stanford For Dailymail.Com Published: 7:41 PM EST, December 25, 2022 | updated: 19:52 EST, 25 December 2022 Anya Taylor-Joy wished her friends and fans a Merry … Read more

Funny Cat Gives Mom a Piece of His Mind When She Won’t Go to Bed

He clearly wanted to get his point across. There’s no denying it–pets are creatures of habit. Whether they demand to be fed at a certain time or get anxious when someone isn’t home at their normal hour, an animal seems to thrive when things are steady and predictable. For @kittyboypatrick, that means a set bedtime, … Read more

Cat Hilariously Leaps at Rotating Strips of Toilet Paper Hung From the Ceiling Fan Over a Bed

Alysha Fruits of the Fruits Family Farm amusingly attached strips of toilet paper to a ceiling fan above her bed and invited Amber, one of her six cats, to have a go at it. The long-haired calico very carefully assessed her prey before repeatedly leaping high into the air to grab a piece of the … Read more

This Elevated Cat Bed With Built-In Toys Is a Pet Owner Favorite & On Sale For Under $25

Cyber ​​Monday just might be our four-legged friends’ favorite time of year — pet parents just can’t help themselves from shopping the sales and spoiling their furry friends with all the best new gadgets at a discount price. We have one more great deal to add to your cart: Kenyone’s elevated hammock cat bed with … Read more

Cat Refuses to Sleep in Bed Until It’s Been Packed Away in Hilarious Video

A video of a cat refusing to sleep in his own bed until it has been packed away is proving painfully relatable to pet owners online. The clip, shared to TikTok under the handle luna_themeowdel, shows a British shorthair by the name of Luna driving his owner to distraction with his unusual sleeping arrangements. Despite … Read more