A Couple Shares How They Run a Bunk-Bed Airbnb That Makes $7,000/month

Michael and Jennifer Corbus started housing college students in 2007 when they needed cash almost. Inspired by European hostels, they purchased bunk beds in 2015 and listed each bed on Airbnb. They acknowledge that while their setup isn’t for everyone, it works for people on a budget. In 2007, Michael and Jennifer Corbus were staring … Read more

Bunk-bed like sleeping pods, well-being zones, soon to enrich your international flight experience

International airline travel is set for a makeover as airlines are trying to woo economy passengers with new facilities, including well-being zones and bunk bed-style sleeping pods. Air New Zealand, for example, said it will have bunk bed-style sleeping pods on its planes by 2024. Passengers will be able to book four-hour sessions in lie-flat … Read more

Airline Will Debut Bunk-Bed “Skynests” In 2024- A Game Changer For Passengers Flying Economy

If you’re a millennial and older, remember how The Jetsons used to live a life of fabulous, futuristic luxury that was beyond reach? Thanks to advancing technology in aviation, we may be taking one step closer to that reality. In 2024, Air New Zealand plans to debut its Boeing 787 Dreamliners, fitted with bunk-bed areas … Read more