What to Do If You Find Bed Bugs In Your Hotel Room

photo: Akos Nagy (Shutterstock) Nobody wants bed bugs. You don’t want bed bugs. The hotel you’re staying in does not want bed bugs, but it’s entirely possible that it has them. We have tips on how to check your hotel room for bed bugs, but what do you do if you actually find some? you … Read more

If bed bugs are hidden in the bed, then follow these 2 most effective home remedies

Due to the changing weather, many types of insects and pests start appearing in the houses. Yes and one of them is bedbug. Yes, bedbugs are hidden in the bed in such a way that they are not even visible to many people. Yes and they continue to take nutrition from the body. By the … Read more

How to prevent bed bugs as Orkin ranks Chicago No. 1 city for household pest

CHICAGO – Chicago was named # 1 city on Orkin’s list of Top 50 Cities with Most Bedbugs in 2022 for the second year in a row, with Philadelphia and New York moving up to second and third, respectively. These two northeastern cities saw the biggest leaps, with Philadelphia moving up 12 places and New … Read more

Expert issues warning to summer travellers, as bed bug populations increase in warmer weather

She originally mistook it for a bit of sand in bed, but this woman’s well-deserved seaside vacation has turned into any traveler’s worst nightmare. Victorian travelers Justine Martin and Anna McLean were on a much-needed post-lockdown vacation when they faced any vacationer’s worst nightmare. During a long weekend trip to the Gold Coast in April … Read more