Stunt goes horribly wrong, man falls on a bed of rocks; watch spine-chilling video

A viral video showing a man sliding down a narrow stream of water and falling on a bed of rocks has emerged on social media.

Stunt goes horribly wrong, man falls on a bed of rocks;  watch spine chilling video - gps

India, First Published May 20, 2022, 2:15 PM IST

Thrill and adventure seekers constantly push their boundaries to achieve difficult targets. In comparison, people ignore safety rules and forget the danger associated with them. However, these stunts can turn fatal into seconds, if safety norms are not followed.

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One such accident took place in China’s Jiujinggou scenic spot in Susong County, where a man dropped down a stream of water and crashed into a bed of rocks. The incident took place on Monday when a man entered a restricted area to try a stunt, which went horribly wrong.

In the video, a man can be seen running across the slippery surface on the top of the waterfall. He almost reached the other side of the top before he fell down. In an attempt to perform an audacious stunt, he lost his balance and quickly glided down the waterfall and landed in a waterhole loaded with rocks. While he was falling down, a man could be heard saying, “He is falling down! oh my goodness!” This video was posted on Twitter by South China Morning Post.

His friends present at the spot rushes towards the man to check the man after the accident. According to reports, people are restricted from entering the site, and there were also warning signs placed. However, the man ignored the notice boards and also attempted the stunt. Fortunately, he did not have any severe injuries and survived the fall with some minor scratches on his body.

After being shared online, the video collected over eight thousand views. Netizens emphasized on the insensibility of the man who attempted to show off despite the warning sign. Watch the video.

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