Study Bachelor’s in University of British Columbia for a Bright Life

  • The University of British Columbia is among the top 20 universities in the world.
  • It is in one of the oldest and among the top 3 higher learning institutes in British Columbia.
  • It encourages research in faculty as well as candidates.
  • There are more than 250 undergraduate programs in 10 different streams.
  • Most of the undergraduate programs are interdisciplinary in nature.

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The University of British Columbia is considered to be a center for learning, teaching, and research all across the globe. It is ranked as 1 of the top 20 public universities across the world, consistently.

UBC encourages innovation and converts ideas into action. UBC has been providing access to opportunities for students who have the drive, curiosity, and vision to change the world for the better.

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Bachelors in University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia offers around 256 undergraduate study programs in 10 different streams. Some of the popular Bachelor’s programs at UBC are given below:

  1. Bachelors in Economics
  2. Bachelor’s in Atmospheric Science
  3. Bachelors in Education: Secondary
  4. Bachelors in Environmental Design
  5. Bachelors in Biochemistry
  6. Bachelor’s in History
  7. Bachelors in Linguistics
  8. Bachelors in Geophysics
  9. Bachelors in Film Studies
  10. Bachelors in Anthropology

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Eligibility Requirement:

Here are the requirements for the eligibility at University of British Columbia for Bachelor’s study program:

The tuition fees for the undergraduate programs starts from approximately 41,000 CAD.

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Undergraduate programs at UBC

Detailed information about the undergraduate programs at the University of British Columbia is given below:

Bachelors in Economics

The study program of Bachelor’s in Economics at the University of British Columbia offers learning in various fields, such as labor, industrial organization, economic history, economic measurement, public policy, macroeconomics, finance development, international trade, health, resource, and transitional economics .

The candidate can select Economics as a Major, Minor, Major, or Honors program. Candidates can opt for Combined Major programs in:

  • Economics and Political Science
  • Economics and Statistics
  • Economics and Philosophy
  • Economics and Mathematics
Bachelor’s in Atmospheric Science

The Bachelor’s in Atmospheric Science at UBC offers the study of climate and weather. The Bachelor’s specialization is interdisciplinary with an emphasis on numerical problem computation, the layer of atmospheric boundary, and physical climatology.

The undergraduate program focuses on fields of meteorology, such as air quality, climate change, environment, weather instrumentation, monitoring, and consulting. The program has transformed traditional weather forecasting to meet the demands of the industry.

The program equips candidates with the knowledge of mathematics and computers for atmospheric modeling and data analysis. The interdisciplinary nature of the program stresses the integration of meteorological knowledge with subjects like air quality, renewable energy, and environmental sustainability.

Atmospheric Science integrates modern teaching practices into its syllabus like flipped classrooms, JiTT or just-in-time teaching, and 2-phase exams.

Bachelors in Education: Secondary

The UBC’s Bachelor’s in Education: Secondary degree is recognized globally. The B.Ed. in Secondary education prepares students for instruction, curriculum, and foundational studies with emphasis on teaching more than one subject, like:

  • kind
  • Culinary Arts Education
  • business education
  • English Language Learner Education
  • computer science
  • English
  • Home Economics
  • French
  • Modern Languages
  • mathematics
  • Music Education
  • Sciences
  • physical education
  • Technology Education
  • Theatre

UBC offers the IB or International Baccalaureate Educator study program. Candidates who will be teachers in the future fulfill the requirements for the study program of B.Ed. and are recommended for a professional teaching certificate in the BC Teacher Regulation Branch.

Bachelors in Environmental Design

The Bachelor’s of Environmental Design study program offered at UBC challenges the candidate to assess the role of design on the environment and society. The focus is on learning designing, supported by social, ecological, technical, and theoretical courses.

As a student of Environmental Design, the candidates learn how their design affects the environment and society, how can the creation of a utility space can impact cultural change, and how to imagine an alternative construct that is sustainable for society as well as the environment.

This degree prepares the candidates who are interested in pursuing a Master of Landscape Architecture and Master of Architecture.

Bachelors in Biochemistry

The specialization of a Bachelor’s in Biochemistry equips the candidates with a solid knowledge of biochemistry. It also offers the flexibility to candidates to pursue their in related fields, such as:

  • Microbiology
  • food science
  • Chemistry

A Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry is apt for candidates who aspire to a professional career in the fields of either health sciences or research.

Biochemistry is offered at the Bachelor’s level as an Honors or Major. It can be combined with chemistry.

The program is authorized by the Faculty of Medicine at UBC. The main focus of the program is the biochemistry of the human body. It can also be learned as an elective subject in biology, microbiology chemistry, immunology, and anatomical, cellular, and physiological sciences.

Bachelor’s in History

The study program of Bachelor’s in History helps the candidate in developing practice, knowledge, and skills in the subject of history. The candidate can select from a broad range of courses on European, Asian, Latin American, and Canadian history. They can examine themes like society, politics, culture, world history, environment, and the history of science.

History studies the past. The data for history is drawn from the humanities and social sciences fields. The study of history examines the lives of individuals in various situations. It enhances the perception of the capacities and flaws of humans. The minds of candidates are trained to recognize evidence to distinguish fact from propaganda. The candidate may select the subject as Honors, Major, or Minor.

Bachelors in Linguistics

The Bachelor’s in Linguistics at UBC offers a systematic study of how a language functions. Linguists study sound systems, such as phonology and phonetics, the link between meaning and form, and the changes in languages ​​over time.

In the introductory level of linguistics courses, the candidate studies language by analyzing the data from languages ​​in different structures. One can opt for either English, Cantonese, Latin, native First Nations languages, or Haitian Creole.

Bachelors in Geophysics

The Bachelor’s in Geophysics offered at the University of British Columbia is an interdisciplinary subject that integrates the techniques and knowledge of physics, chemistry, and mathematics to study the subsurface, structure, and dynamic behavior of Earth and its environment. The electives of Science are usually selected from Mathematics, Geophysics, Geology, Physics, Oceanography, Astronomy, and Chemistry courses. An honors study program in Geophysics is apt for candidates who wish to pursue research in this field.

Geophysicists usually work in teams, and the specialization helps in preparing candidates for employment in the future through student projects and seminars which are formulated to enhance the communication skills and teamwork spirit in candidates.

Bachelors in Film Studies

The Bachelor’s in Film Studies offered at UBC examine a broad range of topics that includes movements and period in the world of cinema. The aim of the program is to educate candidates on the diversity of practices in cinema, and their formats previously and on a contemporary basis.

The University of British Columbia offers an encouraging environment in which the candidates can discuss the influence of moving pictures in different societies, and how they affect perceptions of the world among individuals.

qualification Entry criteria


No specific cutoff mentioned
Math, Chemistry, and Physics (Standard XII Level)
Physics may be waived with grades of A in Senior Math and Senior Chemistry
Graduation from a university-preparatory program at a senior secondary school:
Higher Secondary School Certificate awarded on completion of Standard XII.
IELTS Marks – 6.5/9
conditional offer Not mentioned

The Bachelor’s in Anthropology program offered at the University of British Columbia is a comparative study of the social and cultural lives of humans all across the world, be they from First Countries in Canada to the natives of Asia, Latin America, and the Pacific. The candidates can pursue courses in Biological Anthropology, Archaeology, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Museum Studies, and Anthropological Linguistics.

The program at UBC offers a broad variety of topics, such as primary developments in societies from ancient to contemporary cultures. Candidates may select an Honors, Major, or Minor program in Anthropology.

Streams in the University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia offers 10 different streams. They are:

  1. Business and economics
  2. Earth, environment, and sustainability
  3. Education
  4. Engineering and technology
  5. Health and life sciences
  6. History, law, and politics
  7. Languages ​​and Linguistics
  8. Math, chemistry, and physics
  9. Media and fine arts
  10. People, culture, and society
Scholarship at the University of British Columbia

The eligible international students at the University of British Columbia are awarded an amount of 4000 CAD.

About the University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia was started in 1908, and it is the oldest university in British Columbia. The university is considered to be one of the top 3 universities in Canada. It has an annual research budget of 759 million CAD. The institute funds more than 8,000 projects each year.

There are more than 375,000 students from over 160 countries. It has close to 18,950 members in its Faculty and Staff. The students work on 1,436 research projects along with industry partners and have 1,350 research contracts with non-profit bodies and the government.

There are 2 main campuses of the University of British Columbia situated in:

  • Vancouver
  • Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley

The UBC has two regional bases in India and Hong Kong to extend their local connections and strengthen partnerships for learning, research, and capacity development. It makes it one of the choicest universities to study abroad.

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