Student was ‘aggressive’ and ‘pushed’ victim onto bed during alleged sexual assault

Charles Goodwin allegedly attacked the victim during a party

TW: Contains mentions of rape and sexual assault

Charles Goodwin, 21, is currently on trial for allegedly raping and sexually assaulting four fellow students. Goodwin has denied all allegations.

He is charged with twelve charges, including six cases of rape, two cases of sexual assault, and two cases of assault by penetration, suffocation and assault. The alleged crimes occurred between January 2020 and May 2021.

Last week, the first two alleged victims shared their testimony in Liverpool Crown Court, where one alleged she was raped and strangled by Goodwin after meeting in a Manchester nightclub. The other victim claimed she was raped by Goodwin after a game of “Ring of Fire” in which she claimed that Goodwin selected her to be shot. On Monday, the third victim shared her testimony with the jury, which consists of seven men and five women. She alleged that Goodwin encouraged her to “shut down drinks” before sexually assaulting her.

Yesterday the jury looked at the fourth victim’s interview with police, in which she claimed she was sexually assaulted by Goodwin. She claimed to have met Goodwin at a student party where they played drinking games.

She told police that she was on a “seven out of 10” drunkenness rating and that Goodwin grabbed her face tightly and kissed her during a competitive game.

In the interview she said, “Since I was under the influence, I just went along and kissed him back.”

During the game, she claimed that Goodwin kissed the girl sitting next to her and then half an hour later asked the alleged victim to come with him. She said: “He gestured and said ‘Come with me’ and we went into a bedroom where we kissed first and that was fine.”

She went on that his interest in her made her feel good and that it was “an impulsive decision to follow him. I haven’t thought at all. “

The alleged victim claimed Goodwin told her to take off her pants and pushed them onto the bed.

She said: “I took off my pants … he pushed me onto the bed, he manipulated me. He was a stranger and we had next to no contact. The fact that his reaction was to just hold me down felt pretty weird.

“He used excessive force and it freaked me out. It was because he didn’t recognize me. “

She described the way he treated her as “slightly aggressive” and it left her “on the edge”. She said he then gave her oral sex, which she didn’t like.

She said, “I didn’t enjoy it at all and just remember lying there. I don’t know why I didn’t say anything. My mind went if I just turn it off, it’s over. I didn’t fight back or said no, I just lay there. “

The alleged victim said she felt she could not say anything to him because he was “aggressive”. Then he allegedly got off the victim and said they should leave before people thought something was going on.

Goodwin reportedly left the woman alone in the room, half naked. The student whose room it was came in and realized what had happened. Goodwin and his friend were asked to leave. The woman said her friend went to the front desk and reported the incident.

When cross-examined, the alleged victim said that she had a boyfriend at the time and was therefore uncomfortable walking into the room with Goodwin.

She said to her: “The inhibitions were broken and the party atmosphere encouraged me to go. There was no indication of what would happen in this room. “

She went on to say that he may have interpreted her taking off her pants as if she was okay with it.

At the time of the alleged attack, Goodwin had been released on bail on previous suspected sexual offenses. The woman denied being bailed at the time and found out about the allegations afterwards.

The process continues.

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