Student unwilling to get out of bed carries mattress to classroom in viral video

Any student around the world can agree with the fact that getting up early for class is very painful. Waking up in the morning has become even more difficult as physical classes have resumed after over a year of online learning amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Attending that morning lecture in your classroom is not an easy task for many, especially when you long for the comfort of your own bed and linens. This student hesitates to get out of bed for an early morning class and comes up with a hilarious and clever solution.

A student who didn’t want to get out of bed for her morning class decided to carry her own mattress into her classroom! The video was well received by students around the world and went viral on social media, making internet users hard to grapple with their morning battle.

The short video uploaded to TikTok shows a student carrying her mattress and bedding in a trolley on the university campus while wearing a white sleeping gown and socks. The video was uploaded to TikTok by a user named Magda (@kapciaks).

The video was uploaded with the caption, “If you have a talk at 9 am but still want to stay in bed.” The student then takes the bedding and mattress to a classroom, makes her bed, and then sleeps in it while the teacher and students stare at her in disbelief.

People loved the hilarity of the video when it went viral on TikTok and other social media platforms. Many internet users were amused by the girl’s creative problem solving, while some users called it the “lockdown effect”.


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