Student Turns Up To Uni Lecture With Mattress And Bedding

One student was so reluctant to get out of bed that she eventually took it with her University – Rocking up to a 9 am Lecture with mattress, Bed linen and dressing gown What the social media users say is “pure genius”.

Many students rock to the supermarket in their pajamas, shuffle down the aisles, while onlookers from afar scowl, secretly just jealous that they don’t have the courage to do it themselves.

But lately you’ve been walking a little further, having come to university in bed because it was too early to get up.

Tick ​​tock User ‘Magda’ (@kapciaks) posted a video of the student, To write: “She said fuck it, I’m still sleeping. “

Photo credit: TikTok / @kapciaks
Photo credit: TikTok / @kapciaks

Hashtags also included #uni and #lboro – the latter indicated that the stunt took place at Loughborough University in Leicestershire.

When it’s 9 a.m. lecture but still want to stay in bed “, a caption on the video said.

By doing Recordings, you can see the nameless student with a shopping cart the contents of her bedroom and walks confidently in her dressing gown, socks and slippers.

Photo credit: TikTok / @kapciaks
Photo credit: TikTok / @kapciaks

Then she rolls it into the classroom and sets it all up on a long desk, putting down the mattress with duvet and pillow before … going to bed.

Other students can then be seen entering to begin their lecture, pause briefly at the door while they beat their sleepy colleagues – who puts on sunglasses and shows a peace sign in the camera.

Photo credit: TikTok / @kapciaks
Photo credit: TikTok / @kapciaks

Many people commented on the post – which garnered more than 910,000 views and 139,000 likes – to say that the idea was ‘pure genius’ with one letter: “Omdays I love it Haha. “

Someone else said: “The obligation to show up before everyone else. “

A third wrote: “The dressing gown made the whole video. “

However, the plan seems to backfire, as the reception in the room was a bit lukewarm.

When asked what the lecturer had said, Magda replied: “Nobody was interested and the lecturer said it looked roasted.”

Better than getting kicked out, I guess?


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