Student Concept for Transforming Storage Shelves That Fit Under a Bed or Sofa

Remember that table that folds into a wall cabinet, built by Izzy Swan?

Sweden-based industrial designer Oskar Lillo had a similar-but-different idea back in 2013, when he was a student at Chalmers University. Lillo, who today holds degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and ID, was studying ME when he conceived of this object:

“The brief was to maximize storage space in smaller homes with minimal possibilities for storage. The result was a three-level shelf system connected in a calculated way to keep the shelves in a horizontal position through the whole movement. In the lowered position the wheels hit the ground, and it can easily be pushed under a bed or sofa.”

Sadly, the assignment didn’t call for more than a proof-of-concept model, so what you see above is as far as the project ever got.

Today, Lillo works as a product developer for Hay, and I assume he’s too busy making hay to return to this. So I’d love to see this concept realized by one of those YouTube makers who’s always looking for a new build. If that’s you, please be sure to hit us up if you tackle it!

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