Standard Textile Home Bath and Bed Essentials Are 30% Off

You spend around a third of your life sleeping, which is why Standard Textile Home makes it as comfortable and cool as possible. His collection of luxury linens will have you punching the bag every night. And for a limited time you will receive a 30% discount on all bedding and bathroom accessories from Standard Textile Home!

These buttery soft sheets are made from 100% cotton. They also wick away moisture and ensure a cooler sleep experience. This set consists of a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and one or two pillowcases (one for twin sizes).

Luxe bedding set (complete)

The price includes a 30% discount

This flannel bedding set offers year-round comfort, but it shines most during the winter months. The cozy, breathable, brushed, velvety finish is the furthest thing you can imagine from the stiff, cheap, scratchy sheets of your past. With eight vibrant designs to choose from, this set will add a touch of color to any bedroom.

Flannel bedding set (complete)

The price includes a 30% discount

This linen bedding set will keep you cool all year round. It is made from 100% European flax and makes the duvet airy and light. The corner straps and the neat zipper ensure that your duvet insert stays in place, no matter how often you turn, fold or throw it.

Linen Bedding Set (Full / Queen)

The price includes a 30% discount

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