Spotted a red half moon on your nail? Could be a sign of Covid-19. Read here to know more

The wrath of coronavirus is not over yet. Cases have started surging in several states of India, as mass gathering and lack of Covid Appropriate Behavior continues.

As the virus continues to mutate and affect people, so does the symptoms noted in patients.

Common respiratory signs like those of common cold, flu have been widely discussed and documented. A recent report has revealed three studies reporting diabetic patients being four times more susceptible to developing Covid than others.

In several places doctors have also noted cases of Brain Fog due to Coronavirus infection. Brain fog is characterized by confusion, forgetfulness, and a lack of focus and mental clarity.

Covid might seem like a respiratory disease at the initial stage, but it might affect our body more severely. In these two and a half years, we realized that the virus can affect our lungs, heart, kidney, digestive system and even our brain.

The virus is known to worsen the condition of the organ through which it enters the body.

There are also several signs and symptoms of coronavirus infection that are uncommon-like nails. Patients have tended to ignore these telltale signs and have suffered later.

Covid-19 in nails

Several research studies have worked on the effect of Covid nails and have come out with surprising facts on how Covid affects the finger and toe nails. Study says up to 20% of patients with Covid have cutaneous manifestations.

Following a Covid infection or even during it abnormalities in the nails is seen in many individuals.

61 research studies have confirmed chilblain‐like lesions on nails following Covid infection. Chilblains may be idiopathic or secondary to rheumatological conditions, malignancy or other diseases including viral infections.

Several other studies have found white horizontal nail striae and sunken nails clinically defined as leukonychia and Beau lines in Covid patients.

Covid-19 signs in nails

Studies have associated the following signs of Covid seen in nails:

-Horizontal grooves over fingernails and toenails

– White lines on all fingernails

-Orange discolorations at the end of nail beds

-Red‐violet bands in the nail bed

-Burning, and itching in fingers and toes which if persists for long affect the areas around the nail bed

-Tingling sensation in the toe nails

-Unexplainable peeling off in the fingernails

Word of caution

In all of these, the red half moon pattern has been witnessed more commonly in Covid-19 patients. In this, a red or purple colored half ring pattern forms at the base of the nail bed in Covid infected people.

Notably, studies have not been able to provide a concrete understanding of these signs with the disease. However, damage to the blood vessel during the viral infection can be a cause. It can also be understood as mini blood clots that have formed on the nail bed due to discolouration.

The red half moon at the base of the nail is a rarity in healthy people. Since it is a common sign among Covid-19 affected patients, people are advised to keep an eye out.

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