Spacey accuser Anthony Rapp faces actor in court, testifies he ‘pinned’ him on bed

Actor Anthony Rapp faced Kevin Spacey in a Manhattan federal courtroom Friday, testing the embattled Hollywood star “pinned” him on his bed in a “frightening” encounter when he was just 14 years old.

Under direct examination by his attorney Peter Saghir, Rapp repeated claims in his civil suit, telling jurors Spacey drunkenly approached him in a bedroom after a party in his Upper East Side apartment in 1986.

Without saying a word, Spacey allegedly scooped him off the bed, carrying him like a groom would a bride, laid him on the bed and pressed the full weight of his body on top of him, Rapp recounted.

“His groin was pressing into the side of my hip,” Rapp said, as Spacey stared at him in the courtroom.

“I was pinned underneath him. I felt like a deer in headlights,” he said. “I didn’t ask for him to do that. I didn’t want him to do that.”

Anthony Rapp
Actor Anthony Rapp told jurors the allegations at the heart of his lawsuit from the witness stand Friday.
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On the stand, Rapp gestured to show jurors how Spacey allegedly wrapped his arms around his torso and up over his shoulders while pressing his full body weight onto him.

Rapp — who was about 5-foot-5 and weighed around 100 pounds — said he was able to wriggle out from underneath Spacey and went into a bathroom before rushing out of the apartment.

“I don’t know what I did to invite him to climb on top of my and press his groin into me,” he said.

Saghir asked Rapp how he would respond to critics who could argue the encounter was not overtly traumatizing — and he replied he had “no desire to have any kind of experiences like that.”

“I’m fortunate that 14 year old boy had the wherewithal to get away,” he said, adding it was “incredibly frightening and very alarming.”

Rapp’s testimony will resume Tuesday, and Spacey’s lawyer said they intend to cross examine him for at least three hours.

Prior to Rapp’s testimony, another Spacey accuser tested the “American Beauty” star cornered him in a theater office in 1981 and lifted him up by the “crouch” while grinding his erection on him in an unwanted sexual advance.

Kevin Spacey walks into court.
A second accuser, Andrew Holtzman, testified earlier Friday that Spacey lifted him up by the crouch in 1981.
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Andrew Holtzman, a former public relations professional, told jurors at Spacey’s civil trial the actor approached him in an office at the Public Theater in Greenwich Village, where he worked at the time.

Holtzman was finishing a phone call at his desk when Spacey walked in, wearing a thin windbreaker and “very tight blue jeans,” he tested. Through the jeans, he noticed Spacey’s “very clear, large erection.”

Anthony Rapp walks into court
Anthony Rapp, who sued Spacey in 2020, took the stand in Manhattan federal court on the second day of the trial.
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When he hung up the phone, Spacey walked over to him without saying a word and touched his groin, Holtzman said.

“He sort’ve lifted me up by my crouch,” Holtzman said, adding that he awkwardly fell backward on his desk and Spacey was “on top of me.”

Spacey, who was acting in a production of Shakespeare’s Henry IV at the time, then grinded his erection “on my body,” Holtzman said.

“What are you doing? Get off of me,” Holtzman said he screamed during the encounter – and an enraged Spacey stormed out of the office, slamming the door.


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