‘Some days I couldn’t get out of bed… he would just hold me’

LISA SNOWDON can count George Clooney among her high-profile romances – but it is more a George from Yorkshire than Hollywood who has her heart now.

The TV host couldn’t be happier with George Smart. The couple had an affair 20 years ago before reliving their romance in 2015.

TV presenter Lisa Snowdon couldn't be happier than with her fiancé George Smart


TV presenter Lisa Snowdon couldn’t be happier than with her fiancé George SmartPhoto credit: Mark Hayman
Lisa, 49, suffered from a hotbed of perimenopausal hormones when she revived their romance in 2015


Lisa, 49, suffered from a hotbed of perimenopausal hormones when she revived their romance in 2015Photo credit: Mark Hayman

At the time, Lisa was suffering from a hotbed of perimenopausal hormones, which she said was stealing her chances of having children with George.

While getting pregnant through perimenopause isn’t impossible, Lisa, now 49, knew she was unlikely to have a biological child.

The couple are now engaged and insist that they are happy, that it is just the two of them. Model Lisa says: “Children are great and enrich your life, but let’s be honest, there are enough children in the world. I was with my sister and her kids recently and it’s full. Just the noise – I ask, ‘Guys, can you turn it down?’

“Sometimes they yell too much, but it’s great to watch them grow, listen to them read, and see their imaginations develop. We love the children, but when we leave we say ‘Bye!’ “

George, who is six years younger than Lisa and has no children, agrees. He says, “There is a strange expectation when it comes to having children. But we are free to choose and I don’t think we have to justify it. Do I feel like I missed something? Absolutely not. It never crosses my mind I’m 100 percent happy it’s just me and Lisa. We’re having a very, very fun time. “

Lisa, who went to the Italia Conti Academy of Theater Arts with supermodel Naomi Campbell, was scouted by a modeling agency when she was 19. She hosted several shows on MTV, presented Britain’s Next Top Model and posed for the covers of guys magazines Maxim, Loaded and GQ and was featured on FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women.

They met when George was event boss at MTV and had a brief romance.

But Lisa had a five-year on-off relationship with Hollywood actor George Clooney and was rumored to be dating comedian and BGT judge David Walliams.

Meanwhile, George started a marketing and advertising agency. It took them 14 years to get back together, but the couple doesn’t feel like they have been neglected.

Lisa says, “I have a feeling that it should have happened that way. We’ve had relationships that weren’t great – we’ve made our mistakes here and there – and we’ve learned what kind of relationship we want to be in.

“It’s not like we’re bandaged at the waist. I love eating with the girls and George enjoys a day at the races but when we’re together it’s really easy. Twenty years ago the age difference seemed bigger, but George was pretty much a baby then – and he was in the pub all the time, so that would never have worked.

“Well, it doesn’t feel like an age difference at all. George is a source of knowledge and so intelligent. That’s one of the things I really love about him. He has a brilliant brain and that is extremely sexy. “


And George was also a stone to Lisa while she was going through menopause – a time when she piled in third place and suffered from brain fog, anxiety, and tantrums.

A successful combination of George’s support and HRT means that she is now “the happiest” she has ever been.

She says, “During my crazy anger when I was blown off the handle, George was patient and kind. He could see through it – “Lisa is not speaking here,” something like that. He saw it for what it was – a terrible rage that would pass almost as quickly as it came.

“Some days I couldn’t get up because of debilitating bleeding during my monthly cycle, but George just held me and told me everything was fine.

“There were times when my clothes didn’t fit me and I felt really down. When you are in the middle of it you think it will never end. Why am I angry, overemotional – you just don’t know what’s going on. George was there for me every step of the way – I’m really lucky with him. “

George adds, “Menopause is a part of life and it is not going to help turn it into great drama. It’s important to be there and try to understand the best that you can. I tried to give Lisa stability and there weren’t any big ranks – I was patient.

Some days I couldn’t get up due to debilitating bleeding during my monthly cycle, but George just held me and told me everything was fine.

Lisa Snowdon

“I’ve learned that menopause is different in every woman, so I felt more useful asking Lisa what was wrong with her than turning it into a science lesson. The biggest change was that I didn’t get a word about the edge – well, that’s not really a change. “

And his advice to other men whose partners are going through menopause? “Keep track of things, it’s not forever and be patient.”

George believes they recently celebrated their seventh year together, but Lisa insists it was their sixth. In any case, there is no sign of a “seven-year itch”.

George suggested a 14 month relationship, but Lisa insists that they enjoy life together so much that marriage is not a priority.

Lisa, who starred in Strictly in 2008 and in I’m A Celeb in 2016, adds, “We’re so happy we don’t need this – and we’ve definitely been together for six years, but they’re all merging together. I already have the feeling that there isn’t enough time left for the next part of our adventure together. “

George agrees: “I laugh with Lisa every day, what more could you want? When you think of relationships that don’t work, it’s mostly because one takes the other for granted, but we have more give and give than give and take. “

Keep track of things, it won’t last forever and be patient.

George Smart

Lisa hopes her 50th birthday will be restrained, unlike her 40th, which was a swanky affair in London, with actor Matt Damon among the guests.

She says, “My 40th was huge and I feel like I’ve checked that box now. Milestone birthdays can feel emotional when you’re not in a happy place, but I feel like I’m where I want to be in my relationship, so I feel good as I enter the next decade.

“I’m going to enjoy something intimate, and George plans to take me with him.”

Fabulous menopause matters

It is estimated that one in five of the UK population currently suffers from it.

Yet menopause is still being whispered in low tones, as if it were something to be ashamed of.

The stigma associated with transition means women have suffered in silence for centuries.

Determined to change that, The Sun is launching the Fabulous Menopause Matters campaign to give the taboo a long-awaited kick and give women the support they need.

The campaign has three goals:

  • To do HRT for free in England
  • So that every work place has a menopausal policy to provide support
  • To break taboos during menopause

The campaign was supported by a number of influential figures including Baroness Karren Brady CBE, celebrities Lisa Snowdon, Jane Moore, Michelle Heaton, Zoe Hardman, Saira Khan, Trisha Goddard and Dr. Louise Newson, Carolyn Harris MP, Jess Phillips MP, Caroline Nokes MP and Rachel Maclean MP.

An exclusive study commissioned by Fabulous, surveying 2,000 British women aged 45 to 65 who are or were going through menopause, found that 49% of women suffered from depression while 7% were suicidal during menopause .

50% of respondents said there wasn’t enough support for women going through menopause, which is just not good enough. It’s time to change that.

Today she reveals:


Today she reveals: “George would just hold me and tell me that everything would be fine”Credit: The Mega Agency
She adds:


She adds, “George was there for me every step of the way – I’m really lucky with him”Photo credit: Getty
I fell in love with fashion after menopause gave me a “kangaroo belly”

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