Skittles candy bed will create a rainbow of sweet dreams

Would you like to sleep in a Skittles candy bed? While many people refer to sweet dreams as the hope of falling into a deep slumber quickly, this innovative bed could be the colorful treat that makes for the best of sleep. But who will be the lucky one who unfolds the dream rainbow?

Many people are deeply connected to their favorite candy. From wearing this food fashion look to coloring their walls with iconic color schemes, the reality is that food affects many areas of people’s lives.

While food can affect any part of the house, Skittles’ candy bed could be a first. While the idea isn’t necessarily part of a Willy Wonka accessory line, it does add a bit of whimsy to home decor. In a way, it might look like it stepped out of the Jackie Sorkin line of candied home decor.

What is the Skittles Candy Bed?

The Skittles Candy Bed is a partnership with Simmons. The Simmons Sweet Sleep Bed is technically a wall bed that contains all of the Skittles candy.

Basically, the bed is hidden behind a candy dispenser. Simply push the candy machine to the side and a Simmons twin mattress can be folded down.

While some people prefer not to have candy in bed and others take the chance, the option is a personal preference. Perhaps just knowing that the rainbow is within your grasp will bring you sweet dreams.

While many people would love to incorporate this idea into their home, there is only one Simmons Sweet Sleep bed. While the exact timing of the bed is not certain, Skittles announced that the Simmons Sweet Sleep bed will go on sale on Monday, December 13th, sometime after 1:00 p.m. EDT.

With everyone eagerly awaiting the sale, there’s an even more enticing part of the sale. The Simmons Sweet Sleep Bed retails for just $ 1.50. That’s right, the decimal is in the right place. The cost is the average price for a pack of Skittles candy.

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Do you think the Skittles candy bed would bring the cutest dreams? What other foods could be turned into delicious food furniture?

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