Skittles bed being sold by Simmons

Cone bed


(NEXSTAR) – If you love Skittles but hate getting out of bed in the morning, you’ll love this message.

Skittles and Simmons have teamed up to create a foldaway bed that integrates with a Skittles dispenser so you can eat as much as you want without leaving the comfort of your warm blankets.

Skittles will refill the unique twin-size bed for a year if you can manage to eat everything in it.

That’s right, only one bed is made and it only costs $ 1.50 – the same as a pack of skittles.

Simmons says it will put the bed up for sale sometime on Monday, December 13thNSbut don’t say when. However, you can log into the company’s website and follow Simmons on Instagram for pointers.

The lucky buyer must be in the continental US and be over 18 years of age. Only the lucky person who receives a confirmation email is allowed to buy the bed.

You must also have a room, hallways, and doorway that can accommodate the following dimensions:

  • Bed closed: Approx. 91 “H, approx. 51 5/8” W, and approx. 38 “deep (39” from the wall)
  • Bed open: About 99 “W and about 79” deep

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