Skin care trends 2022 and beyond see underarm, bedtime and concentrates take spotlight says WGSN

The global skin care market amounted to € 125 billion (€ 140.9 billion) in 2020 Intelligence: the future of skin care 2024Report – a figure that lines up well with Euromonitor International’s forecast that it will grow by 2025 and reach € 152 billion in sales.

The trend researcher WGSN said skin care is “A pandemic ray of hope”For the beauty industry in their report, stating the category “Galvanized by the challenges”.

So what exactly was in store for this packed room after the pandemic?

“The skin care category thrived during the pandemic, even when other beauty segments stalled. This will continue as we move into 2024, supported by brands that honestly address different skin care needs based on ethnicity, gender and age, and products that reflect post-pandemic lifestyle. “Wrote Clare Varga, Head of Beauty at WGSN, in the report.

Consumer demand “Security, self-sufficiency and comfort”would prevail, said Varga.

“Highly concentrated hero products”

With that in mind, she said buyers are increasingly looking for claims with proven ingredients that will increase interest and interaction with “Highly concentrated hero products”.

Skin care products made with blends of potent ingredients with proven effectiveness would grow in popularity, she said, as consumers continued to minimize and avoid the number of products they used on a daily basis “Bad purchases”.

For brands wanting to seize this opportunity, Varga says investments need to be made to prove that the products work. “The concentrated nature of single hero products means higher prices, so demonstrating effectiveness is crucial.”she said.


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