Single Cab Short Bed Chevy Silverado Returns to the US for 2022

It seems like anyone with an internet connection and a thing for the good old days wants more single cab, short bed pickup trucks. Forget the crew cabin; When it comes to trucks, the shorter the better – depending on who you ask. There is only one problem with that. You won’t find many, if any new ones for sale here.

Conveniently, we were able to confirm a report that was originally written by GM authority Say a single cabin, short bed Silverado will be sold in the US next year. Before you get too excited about a Trail Boss off-roader in this configuration, it’s important to know that it’s only available for the basic WT, as a Chevy spokesman has confirmed. “The new body style for 2022 includes a normal cabin with a standard bed and a long bed,” a Chevy spokesman told us. “Please note that normal cabs are only produced with the WT equipment.” I hope you like cloth seats, scum!

As a reference, Chevy has not sold a current generation Silverado in such a specification here in the States. However, the automaker still produces single-cab short-bed trucks in factories in the States, just for other markets like the Middle East. Ironically, they come with the cute Trail Boss or RST packages; that just won’t be the case here.

For 2022, the Silverado 1500 is getting a plethora of changes, mostly to do with the interior and the options available, provided the chip shortage doesn’t get worse. Most of the advanced technologies originally announced for 2022, such as Super Cruise, will of course not be available with this truck. Cruise control is an option for the WT that should be sufficient for everyone.

It’s worth noting that Ford is selling a single cabin 2021 F-150 with a 6.5-foot bed. You probably won’t find any of these on dealer lots, especially as the Blue Oval prioritizes more popular configurations amid the chip shortage.

Back to Chevy, other than the fact that it will actually be built, little has been confirmed by the spokesman. Prices are likely to be similar to the current single-cab, long-bed truck, and the equipment on offer should also be virtually the same.

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